Invite Me In: Would you invite a stranger into your home?

by Emma Curtis  

Invite Me In has been waiting patiently on my NetGalley list for far too long. My apologies to the author and publisher. I am working my way through my list slowly but surely.

This book was more than worth the wait. What an emotional rollercoaster of a read!

I have to say that I found Eliza a difficult character to like, especially to start with. I did feel for her as I got to know her more though. Her husband is not a likeable man at all. He thinks far too highly of himself and treats Eliza as though he owns her. No amount of money, fancy houses and/or fancy cars are worth what she puts up with daily. She has her secrets though and her husband holds knowledge of them over her. She is trapped and she’s miserable.

It isn’t at all surprising that Dan attracts Eliza’s attention. I admired her attempts to deny that attraction though. Everything else aside, Eliza’s priority is always her children. That I did like about her.

This story is so full of twists I didn’t know what to think for the most part. I love that! It makes me even more determined to find out where the story is going to end. I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years what I learned about these people as the story progressed. There are some amazing characters in this book. Most aren’t particularly likeable, but all are compelling. Such clever writing!

To say this story is full of tension would be an understatement and it has a jaw-dropping conclusion.

Brilliant! I highly recommend.

Treat yourself….

happy reading!

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