Happy Publication Day, Mel Sherratt!

Broken Promises (Detective Allie Shenton Series Book 4) 

by Mel Sherratt 

Allie Shenton is back!!

It has been a while, but it was so worth the wait! What an amazing return to an awesome series.

Having read and loved the first three books in this series I was so excited when Mel Sherratt announced she was releasing book four. Anyone who knows me well will know I am a huge Mel Sherratt fan. I have read and loved every book she has published, and Allie Shenton is one of my favourite detectives.

In Broken Promises Allie and the team find themselves dealing with three murders in as many days. Three locals well known to them, and all connected by their dodgy lifestyles. With barely enough time to breathe between murders they have their work cut out trying to piece together evidence and bring their killer, or killers, to justice before any other bodies turn up.

These murders are brutal and personal. One person connects them all, but would they be capable of such violence? Despite hoping not, they can never assume. It’s quite scary what some people find themselves capable of when pushed to their limits.

This is a fast-paced police procedural crime thriller set in my hometown of Stoke-on-Trent, which I love. It kept me glued to my kindle as I was desperate to find out who was committing these horrific crimes. I was holding my breath in the hope they would crack the case before anyone else became a victim.

I think the team were as shocked as I was when the truth starts to reveal itself. Wow! Such a shocking and tragic conclusion. Brilliant writing!

There are some fascinating characters throughout this story, likeable or not. I know I’ve said it before, but Mel Sherratt knows how to write people. I am always instantly invested in the people she writes about.

I love the banter and friendships shared amongst the team. They have each other’s backs and get the job done as efficiently as they can. They find time for a bacon and cheese oatcake, or two, occasionally also. They are only human after all!

I love that we always see a softer side to Allie and learn a little more about her as the series progresses. I was worried for her as she faces the potential breakdown of her marriage. It can’t be easy being married to a police officer and she knows her husband struggles with her absence, especially when high profile cases mean even longer working hours than usual. I’m sure many people would relate.

Some people don’t like hearing about the personal lives of police in books like this, but I love it. It gives depth to their character and keeps them human.

I LOVED this book. It ticks all the boxes for me. An easy five stars (I’d give it more if I could). I highly recommend!

If you haven’t read this series yet you are seriously missing out.

I can’t wait for book five!


**Many, many thanks to Mel Sherratt for my ARC of Broken Promises. The above review is my honest opinion**


happy reading!

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