The Heeding

by Rob Cowen (Author), 

Illustrated by Nick Hayes 

I received a paperback copy of The Heeding from the publisher, Elliott & Thompson. It isn’t one I was expecting but it was a lovely surprise. Many thanks.

I have no idea how to review poetry, but this book is just beautiful in every way. It has a striking cover which I am sure would catch anyone’s eye. My photograph doesn’t do it justice.

The book starts with a touching and thought-provoking introduction by the author. Each poem that follows gives us food for thought and the illustrations throughout the book are stunning and complement the poems beautifully.

I particularly loved ‘Sunday School’, especially the last paragraph. ‘The Lovers’ made me giggle. ‘Dennis’ is heart-breaking. ‘Pharmacy Cake’ is heart-wrenching too. ‘The Problem With Us’ hits the nail on the head. ‘The End of This (Drinking Poem)’ and ‘Light’ promote hope for a brighter, healthier future and ‘Duel, Part II’ gave me goosebumps.

All in all, an inspiring collection which I am sure will resonate with many. I imagine I will pick it up often to re-read and share with others.

My copy sitting on my bookshelf

Treat yourself….

happy reading 🙂

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