He who pays the piper calls the tune.

When Peter and his little sister, Daisy, are evacuated from London to the countryside, they find themselves on an isolated farm in the middle of a treacherous marshland. As Daisy gets drawn deeper into the secrets of their new home, Peter starts to realise that something very sinister is going on. What is that music they can hear at night? And who are the children dancing to it?

The Piper

by Danny Weston 

My review

The Piper is another book that has been waiting very patiently on my bookshelf. I am so pleased I finally got to read it as I have enjoyed it immensely. It is a creepy ghost story which had me completely captivated.

It begins with an extremely chilling prologue dated 7th September 1874. The 7th of September proves to be quite a significant date throughout this story.

In Chapter one we meet Helen and her Grandad Peter (in the present day) as she visits him on his Birthday at his care home. During this visit Peter finds himself confiding in his granddaughter about his time during the war when he and his sister, Daisy, were evacuated from London to the countryside. This in itself is terrifying to me. I can’t even imagine being sent away as a child and I would have been hysterical if my children had had to be taken away from me. I know many, many families had to face this devastation though. It must have been heart-breaking for all involved.

Peter and Daisy are taken to Sheldon Grange which is in the middle of nowhere and is seemingly a peaceful, safe haven. Peter thinks he’s in for a relaxing holiday but finds he is to work alongside the caretaker/handyman, Adam to earn his keep. Daisy is to be company for the owner’s daughter, Sally. It is a huge change for them, but they are certain it won’t be for long and it seems they are to be well looked after.

Little did they know of the Sheldon’s horrifying history and the real reason they were offered refuge. Peter soon starts to realise something is not quite right, but he promised his mother he would look after Daisy and he is determined to do so, whatever it takes. Such a brave young man who has never forgotten Sheldon Grange but has never told a soul what happened there, until now.

Such a brilliant book. I loved it!

The very last sentence gave me goosebumps.

I very much recommend!

Buy your copy here….

happy reading 🙂

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