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Penshaw is book thirteen in the DCI Ryan Mysteries series and it’s every bit as entertaining as all the previous books, which I have read and LOVED! I feel like I am becoming very repetitive in my reviews of this series, but honestly, I can’t recommend them highly enough. Each book is unique, but similar at the same time, if that makes sense!? The main characters are very familiar to me now and I talk about them as if I know them in real life! (I think my husband thinks I’ve lost the plot! Lol!) However, each new book brings a fresh challenge to Ryan and the team.

This book finds DCI Ryan and his team investigating the seemingly accidental death of an elderly man, in his own living room. His wife was unable to get him out of their house in time when it went up in flames. Something doesn’t sit right with Ryan though and it’s soon obvious that there is far more to this family’s story. I really enjoyed the ex-mining community aspect of this book. My father-in-law and my brother-in-law were miners back in the day and whenever I’ve heard them talk about their time down the pit it’s always been obvious that they were all more than just colleagues to each other, they were family and it was less of a job and more of a way of life. I can only imagine how difficult life must have been for these families when the pits were closed, and their lives were completely turned upside down! The end of an era and not something everyone found easy to move on from.

This book also see’s Lowerson getting himself involved in a sticky situation (putting it very mildly!) again. Just as he seemed to be getting his life back on track.

Ryan is tasked with helping to uncover a mole within the department. A task which doesn’t really sit well with him, but he is confident it isn’t anyone within his own team and that he will soon get to the bottom of it all.

As always nothing is ever straight forward, and I was treated once again to a fast-paced crime thriller which kept me glued to my kindle as often as I could possibly manage around real life!

I love that some of the characters are all loved up and that there is a little bit of romance and happiness amongst all the murder.

I love how Samantha has impacted on Phillips and MacKenzie and I look forward to how their relationships develop.

I have my fingers crossed for Lowerson and Yates!

I can’t wait for book 14!

New to this series? Start here…..


happy reading 🙂


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