“The savagely funny debut novel”

Constance Anderson is a scriptwriter… without a script. But this isn’t a problem until, by random stroke of fate the Hollywood diva Jennifer Roberts announces on American primetime television that Constance is writing her next movie.

This is news to Constance; how the hell did that happen? She is jettisoned to fame overnight and faces a race against time to write the script. With the help of an unscrupulous ‘agent’ and a hostile ghost writer, Constance battles her way to Hollywood through the onslaught of social media, trolls, a philandering boyfriend, and leaked naked photographs…

Social media paves the way for an unknown scriptwriter in a comedy of misunderstandings and miscreants, and finally an ounce of good luck.

Anti-Social Media

by Kate Beth Heywood 

Anti-Social Media has been waiting ever so patiently on my kindle since I purchased it in 2016! I’m glad I finally got the chance to read it as it was good fun.

It tells the tale of Constance, a wannabe script writer, who finds herself suddenly famous when actress Jennifer Roberts, who has millions of followers on Twitter but follows no-one herself accidentally follows Constance back leaving the world to wonder what is so special about her. To make matters worse, to save face in an interview, Jennifer confesses to being a huge fan of Constance and reveals she has read her screenplay and can’t wait to star in her film!


Jennifer is the true definition of Diva and not at all likeable to be honest. I wouldn’t be working for her for long!

I can’t make my mind up if I liked Constance or not. It must have been quite overwhelming to suddenly be thrust into the public eye though. I loved the dynamic of her quickly formed professional relationships with her ‘agent’ and ghost writer, Jill.

Laugh out loud funny at times. I really enjoyed it!

buy your copy here….

happy reading 🙂

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