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Wow! This might only be 40 pages long, but it doesn’t half pack a punch! I have read, and loved, Claire Douglas’ books before so I know what a brilliant writer she is and I knew I’d be in for a treat. If you’re looking for a short story to lose yourself in for a hour then you won’t go far wrong with this one.

Emily sends a rushed text to her boyfriend, whilst extremely annoyed with her boss, and doesn’t bother to check it before sending. Unfortunately for Emily she sends it to the wrong recipients and it contains a very unfortunate typo! The next morning brings very bad news and the police knocking at her door.

This is an excellent little crime thriller which makes you suspect everyone and question everything. It also goes to show how important proofreading is! And the moral of the story – be careful what you wish for.

Brilliant! I highly recommend.

It is actually FREE on kindle (true at the time of posting – 23rd December 2018).




Via AmazonUK…..

**A new short story from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Local Girl Missing and Last Seen Alive. Her newest novel, Do Not Disturb, is out now!**

A single text changed her life. Did it end his?

Emily Latimer is furious. Her boss Andrew is being so unreasonable, as always. She fires off a text to her boyfriend, only in her haste she sends it to her whole office group.

In it she says Andrew’s being difficult about letting her have time off work. That she is angry. That she hopes he dies. The next day her face burns in the office. No one believes her when she says it was a typo, she meant to say does. She hopes he does.

It’s a nightmare. But it gets worse – Andrew doesn’t turn up for work. And then the police come knocking. Because Andrew Burton has been murdered . . .

About the author…..

Claire Douglas

Claire Douglas always wanted to write novels and, after many years of trying to get published, her dream came true when she won the Marie Claire Debut Novel Award in 2013 with THE SISTERS.

Her subsequent novels LOCAL GIRL MISSING and LAST SEEN ALIVE both reached the Sunday Times top ten bestsellers list and are published in over fifteen countries. Her fourth thriller, DO NOT DISTURB is due for release in August 2018.

You can find Claire on Twitter at @DougieClaire, instagram as clairedouglasauthor or visit her Facebook page clairedouglasauthor.

Claire Douglas’ Amazon Author Page

Happy reading 🙂


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