This gorgeous book is OUT NOW for you all to enjoy! Check out my review, originally posted back in March…..

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One Last Letter from Greece: The new sweeping, romantic debut novel to escape with in summer 2022

by Emma Cowell 

One Last Letter from Greece is a gorgeous read!

Sophie is an instantly likeable character. My heart went out to her as it is devastating to lose a parent, especially when they’re only in their 50s. I can fully understand her need to get away for a while. When she finds there is the possibility that one of her mother’s paintings might be in Methoni, Greece, she makes it her mission to try to find it, giving her the perfect excuse to escape for a while.

Little does she know what she is about to discover.

I love how brave some people are when it comes to travelling alone as I can’t imagine me ever doing it. Methoni sounds like a gorgeous place though. I could almost feel the…

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