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Would you risk your life to get justice?
Lee Hunter doesn’t have a choice. Following a near death experience, two lives become intrinsically linked by the despicable actions of one evil man. Can he unlock the past and find justice? This is the story of loyalty, sacrifice and murder…

My review

(originally published on 21st April 2018)

Well, Mark Tilbury’s books never fail to draw you in from the very first page! They’re not easy reads in regards to some of the subject matters and if you’re easily offended by violence then they probably won’t be for you, but if you like a dark psychological thriller then you will LOVE them. Mark Tilbury has a knack for creating the most evil of characters, who will make your skin crawl, but also very likeable characters who I always warm to and find myself praying for as their stories progress. Having LOVED all of Mark Tilbury’s other books I couldn’t wait to read The Key To Death’s Door and I was hooked, as always, from the start!

We meet Lee Hunter who is just 14 years old, living a normal life, like a normal teenager until he nearly drowns in the river whilst out with his friend, Charlie. In fact, Charlie saves his life, but not before Lee experiences the last few days of a previous life. A short life where he meets a devastating end at the hands of one man. One man he soon realises he still knows now, 30 years later! This man, who is not really worthy of the title, is a totally sick character. The filth that comes out of his mouth and the things he puts this family through are nothing short of horrific! It’s not pleasant reading at all, at times, and being an animal lover too he absolutely turned my stomach. I would have wanted to kill him myself. Lee and Charlie are determined to bring this man to justice, but how will they find proof. Who is going to believe he regressed to a past life when he was drowning?

Lee is a lovely character. He obviously loves his mother, and he respects her rules, but he can’t help being swayed a little by Charlie. Lee and Charlie are like chalk and cheese, with VERY different upbringings, but the banter between them is great and quite amusing at times. They have a strong friendship. It’s absolutely heartbreaking what Charlie has to contend with at home and Lee does his best to support him, but he’s torn between helping out his mate and not wanting to upset his mother. Eventually they hatch a plan to gain the evidence they need to put this monster down for good, but nothing is ever straight forward and they find themselves in a very dangerous situation with seemingly no way out.

I absolutely loved the supernatural aspect of this story and I find the idea of some of us having led previous lives fascinating. When my son was about 3-4 years old he used to talk about when he used to be a runner, when he used to be older and he used to win all of the races!! He talked about this a lot, for a good few months and when I asked him what he meant, he was insistent that he used to be older and he used to win all the races he ran! I’m convinced he was remembering a past life, but he never mentioned anything as he got older.

This is a totally unique story which flows perfectly from page one. The twists and turns are shocking and unpredictable. Although it’s very much plot driven the characterisation is immensely strong. They are very real people and their story is totally believable, which makes it all the more scary!

Mark Tilbury certainly knows how to write a compelling story! He is easily one of my most favourite authors. I get on very well with his writing style and I know I’m in for a treat whenever he has a new book out.

I can’t wait for the next one!

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