When troubled teenager Immy disappears, she leaves her widowed mother Bea completely devastated. Bea pours her love into her six-year-old niece Phoebe, even taking her in when her single father Ewan takes a job abroad.

Then Immy returns, in desperate need of her mother’s help and love. But Ewan is clear: he will never let Bea see Phoebe again if she welcomes her daughter back.

As Bea grapples with this impossible choice between two girls who sorely need her, a long-buried secret comes out that changes everything – and Bea must fight harder for her family than she ever thought she could.

Her Daughter’s Secret

by Lisa Timoney 

my review

Her Daughter’s Secret is a compelling family drama.

Bea is an easy character to like. She is trying to live a life after unimaginable grief. My heart went out to her. I can’t imagine losing my husband so young, let alone not knowing where my daughter is. She certainly has a lot to contend with.

I loved Bea’s close relationship with her niece, Phoebe (who is just the cutest character). I think her dedication to the child is heart-warming.

I can’t say I warmed to Ewan (her brother-in-law) or his mother. Although the old lady grew on me towards the end.

This book is full of emotion, tension, and suspense. I was intrigued by Immy especially. I knew there must be more to her story. I could understand Ewan’s feelings towards her to some degree, but I can’t imagine asking anyone to choose between her own daughter and the niece she adores. It’s just heart-breaking.

Neither could I have imagined in a million years the direction the story would take!

Such clever writing!

A brilliant end to a brilliant story.

I highly recommend.

**Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy via NetGalley**

pre-order now

(Out 15th September 2022)

happy reading! 🙂

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