An informant goes missing after disclosing to DS Martin Draker, of the Northwest’s Regional Organised Crime unit, that a corrupt police official is importing heroin from India.

Field analyst, Cath, is investigating an upsurge in deaths caused by a new drug with similar effects to cocaine.

A body, believed to be that of the missing informant, is discovered in a burned-out car, along with a note threatening further deaths if the police don’t back off.

Cath launches a TV appeal warning of the dangers of Sky White. The gangster, Dan Manning, is incensed; she could kill the new drug’s market before it gets going.

Before Manning has a chance to stop her, the police must catch him before the body count rises.

Inside Threat: DS Martin Draker: Book 1

By Roger A Price

My review

Inside Threat is an excellent start to a new series!

This book has an intricate plot which grabbed my attention from the start and kept me intrigued throughout.

Dangerous drug dealers are not only targeting vulnerable addicts but are also willing to do anything to stop the police from hindering the sale of their synthetic cocaine substitute which is causing horrific side effects in those who use it.

Fast-paced, full of action, tension, and suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The lead characters are all very likeable. I’m going to enjoy catching up with this team as the series progresses.

I very much recommend to all who love a good crime thriller.

Looking forward to book 2!

**Many thanks to the author and publisher for my advance review copy**

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Happy reading! 🙂

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