Growing Great Characters From the Ground Up: A Thorough Primer for the Writers of Fiction and Nonfiction 

by Martha Engber 

As Growing Great Characters From the Ground Up states, character development is the most important facet of any character-based book, whether fiction or nonfiction, because “readers won’t follow for long if they find the people you’re writing about dull, one-dimensional or unbelievable.” After listing the three attributes of a great character, the 248-page book takes readers through a step-by-step process that shows them how to develop their characters from start to finish.

A Must Read for all Writers….

As a Canadian, any book I order from the United States is subject to high shipping costs and exchange rates. Consequently, when I finish the book, the number one question is always: am I satisfied?

I read Martha Engber’s “Growing Great Characters From the Ground Up” in one day. By page 60, I had a pencil in my hand, a notebook on my lap, and knew without a doubt that I would come away a better writer for having read her book. Yes, I was satisfied!” – Amazon reviewer

Just awesome!

Delivers on the title’s promise “a thorough primer” by providing tons of practical advice, memorable examples, and images. Totally helpful and it’s actually fun to read!” – Amazon reviewer

“A must-have for fiction/nonfiction writers….

The most intimidating (and essential) part of writing a story is making your characters, however minor, consistent and believable. Setting the groundwork for each character’s role in a story is a daunting enough task to make even the most seasoned writer freeze up. Thankfully, Martha Engber has created an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to painlessly develop characters. She gives organization strategies that help a writer to brainstorm, encouraging us to experiment in order to flesh out the people who will occupy our story. She offers up things like the “one-sentence test” along with other invaluable exercises, tools, and examples of how to create the best possible character for your particular story. “Growing Great Characters From the Grown Up” is written as if by a close friend offering up some pointers. Its easy style and readability is a huge plus as one will be inclined to refer to it over and over again.” – Amazon reviewer

“Know your characters….

Martha Engber advises the writer: Get to know your characters. How else can you write convincing dialog? How else can you make their responses fit situations in your story? Learn to make readers love or hate your characters. If you know your character, so will your reader, and he’ll keep on reading. Martha shows you how.” – Amazon reviewer

“Important Lessons for Every Writer….

Martha Engber’s book is insightful and inspiring. Ms. Engber instructs with practical exercises and examples, as well as humor. She suggests creating a Think Log to jot down thoughts prompted by your character’s development; what a fun way to emote about the daily challenges or triumphs when in the process of creating a character! There are many important lessons in this book. My favorite is how and why to introduce a character via his or her defining detail because “everyone has a reason for being who they are.” Which reminds me why I write: to know myself.” – Amazon reviewer

Available now….

Happy reading & writing! 🙂

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