You can run from a lie, but you can’t hide from the truth…

Bonnie has been running from her tragic past for far too long. Now, years after the events that changed her life for ever, the time has come to face it. Her search for answers takes her to the idyllic town of Hamblin, where she is determined to start over.

Alice’s perfect life is slipping through her fingers. Drowning in debt, she struggles on, working long days alongside her daughter Laura, ever more desperate to hold on to what little remains.

Laura had her future as an artist snatched from her when she had to return home to care for her sickly father. Whilst she tries hard to be content with her life, each day her resentment grows.

When their worlds collide, Laura and Bonnie form an instant bond. But as they grow closer, Alice begins to grow suspicious of Bonnie’s intentions. Why is she so interested in Alice’s daughter? And what devastating truth is she hiding?

Her Mother’s Lies

by Lisa Timoney 

My review

Her Mother’s Lies is a captivating read. One I enjoyed immensely.

I liked Laura immediately. Her mother, Alice, took slightly longer to grow on me. I could understand her as a mother struggling with her only daughter growing up and becoming independent though, and as the worried wife of a husband with serious health problems. She does have a lot to deal with. I could understand Laura becoming slightly exasperated with her too.

Bonnie intrigued me as soon as I met her.

I loved the friendship she quickly developed with Laura. I don’t think age has anything to do with who you can be friends with, so I did wonder why Alice was so bothered about them clicking. They do have a lot in common after all. She came across as a jealous mother which, again, I could understand to a certain degree. She wanted Laura to want to spend more time with her instead. Laura is in her twenties though, so I think it’s quite natural for her not to want to spend all her spare time with her mother. Especially as they already live and work together.

When I realised the direction this story was taking I became even more invested in these characters.

This story is so light-hearted at times but heart-wrenching at others. It’s so full of raw emotion, but also fun. It made me smile a lot and laugh out loud at times. It also made me cry. It’s so beautifully written. I very much recommend to all.

**Many thanks to the author and publisher for my ARC via NetGalley**

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Happy reading! 🙂

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