A country in the shadow of war. A love that burns through the decades…

Mia Ferris’s heart has always belonged in Spain. Every childhood summer was spent at her grandfather’s hacienda, riding together amongst the olive trees or listening to his stories of the past. So when she learns that he has fallen from his horse, she knows that she belongs by his bedside – even if it means leaving behind her life in London, and her new fiancé.

But as Leonardo fights for his life, and Mia to save the family home from financial ruin, secrets begin to emerge that tell a different story of the past – a terrible history that begins with a boy running for his life over the Andalusian hills, and ends with a forbidden love that only war can destroy…

As Mia untangles the passions and betrayals of the past, everything she thought she knew is turned upside down. Can she heal the wounds of the past, and face the truth of her own heart?

A sweeping novel of passionate love, betrayal and redemption, set against the turmoil and tragedy of the Spanish Civil War.

Shadows Over the Spanish Sun

by Caroline Montague

My review

Shadows Over the Spanish Sun is a truly captivating read.

It begins in April 2000, in Andalucia, where a tragic accident leaves an elderly Leonardo in a critical condition.

I was hooked!

Back in London, Leonardo’s Granddaughter, Mia, prepares to fly out to Spain, with the rest of her family, to be with him.

Mia is a likeable character who obviously has a very close relationship with her grandfather. She has made a life for herself in London and is preparing to marry her fiancé, but all must be put on hold until her grandfather has recovered. Little does she know just how much his accident is going to change her life forever.

I have so loved following Mia’s story, and Leonardo’s as he reveals to his granddaughter the secrets of his past. A difficult and heart-wrenching past which is painful for him to revisit, but which impacts Mia more than she could know. They have such a special relationship which is only strengthened by the truth.

This is such a heart-warming story with more than a fair share of sadness. I never realised just how brutal the Spanish Civil War had been. I can’t even imagine what these people must have gone through during this time, and since.

This novel is ultimately about true love, friendships, and family. I found it to be utterly compelling. I can’t recommend it highly enough and I look forward to reading Caroline Montague’s other books.

**Many thanks to Caroline for my signed paperback copy of Shadows Over the Spanish Sun**

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