That's What Friends Are For: A feel good novel of best friends and secrets

Publisher – Bookouture (11th December 2015)

Book description –

Best friends tell each other everything… right?

Sam and Louise have been best friends since they hung their coats side by side on the first day of primary school. Now in their thirties, they’re just as close, but life is a little bit more complicated…

On the outside, thirty-something Sam seems to have it all; the gorgeous husband, the beautiful home and the flourishing business. But things are not quite as rosy as they seem. So when handsome stranger, Dan, walks into her life, Sam finds his attentions hard to resist.

Louise might seem like life and soul of the party, but her outgoing exterior hides her sadness about the heartbreak in her past. She just wants someone to love – but all Louise gets left with is a quick fumble with an ex at the end of the night.

When a glamorous face from the past returns to shake things up, things get even more complicated for Sam and Louise. And just when they need each other the most, they’ve reason to wonder whether they ever really knew each other at all.

An emotional and uplifting tale of love, secrets and the importance of having a best friend.

What readers are saying about Marcie Steele

I absolutely, honest and truly LOVED this book.’ Crime Book Junkie
Filled with heartache and laugh aloud moments, “Stirred With Love” is well-developed story with endearing characters as well as twists and turns that will charm any reader. Fans of Chick-Lit and simply a good heart-warming story will love this! FIVE stars.’ Novels of the Heart

‘This is a story about hope and friendship with a helping of love stirred in for good measure. Who wouldn’t love a book set in a coffee shop – I could literally taste the coffee and gained pounds virtually eating all of the cake… a feel good book that will make you smile.’ Crooks on Books

‘Wonderfully warm with characters every woman can relate to, reading Marcie Steele’s Stirred with Love will remind you of chatting over coffee with three of your closest girlfriends. A fantastic read about overcoming life’s obstacles with friendship and love.’ Talli Roland

My rating 5/5

Well, what a fabulous book! If you like a love story which is not too mushy, you will love this. It’s full of likeable characters and some you will no doubt be able to relate to.

I make no secret of the fact that I am a massive Mel Sherratt fan. Her Allie Shenton series, The Estate Series and her stand alone novel, Watching Over You, are all excellent, so imagine my excitement when Mel told me she also writes chick lit under a pen-name! Stirred With Love was a fabulous story and That’s What Friends Are For is equally fabulous.

I love how close this bunch of family and friends are. They work together on the market, although not always happily, and always look out for each other even though some have secrets they are reluctant to share.

Louise is a single Mum. Having had her daughter, Charley, at 18 she has never told a soul who the father is. Not even her best friend, Sam. She was married for a short time, but that wasn’t to be. Now she longs to be loved and cherished by someone, even if she won’t admit that to herself. Luckily she can rely on Matt to look after her and Charley. Matt sometimes feels like a glorified babysitter, only seemingly needed at the weekends when Louise wants to go out and get drunk, but he’s always there for her and he loves Charley as if she were his own. Everyone can see that Matt and Louise are crazy about each other, but neither of them seem willing to admit it. Will they ever get it together?

Charley is 15 and is struggling at school due to bullies who are aware of her mother’s active social life. She feels they are tarring her with the same brush and starts to resent her mother for going out and getting drunk all the time. She falls out with her best friend and feels like the only person she can rely on is Alex, a boy she has been chatting to online, but has yet to meet. At least he understands her.

I can totally relate to Louise and Charley’s relationship. I have two teenagers myself, a son and a daughter, and my relationship with my daughter can be challenging, shall we say, at times. As a mother you feel like you can’t do right for doing wrong sometimes, but we do forget what it was like to be 15. This was a good reminder to just be there and listen.

Sam is married to Reece, but is worried her marriage isn’t going to survive for much longer. Will they manage to rekindle what they once shared?

Nicci is all loved up with Jay, but struggles with the fact that he doesn’t seem keen on marrying her when she is so desperate to marry him. She dreams of their big day, but fears it may never happen.

Ryan is married to Sarah, with two beautiful children, but he has cheated before and it doesn’t take him long to fall for Jess’s charms when she returns from London and sets her sights on him. Jess is pregnant, by a married man who now wants nothing to do with her. Maybe if she can get her claws into Ryan, she could pass off the baby as his. Why should everyone else be happy when she’s miserable?

Unfortunately not everyone has a fairytale happy ending.

This book has everything. Love, family, friendship, secrets and lies, happiness and heartbreak. You’ll love it!

A big thank you to Mel for my advance copy.

Proud, as always, to be part of Team Sherratt!

That’s What Friends Are For is available for pre-order:

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