Paranormal Intruder: The Terrifying True Story of a Family in Fear

Publication date – 1st December 2013

Book description –

The terrifying true story of a family in fear

An innocent family finds itself completely helpless against the sudden onset of paranormal activity in their quiet rural home. A knife embedded in a kitchen cupboard, crockery smashed by invisible hands, and blood-chilling growls emit from thin air. Caroline and her husband Neil search for answers as they try to protect their family from the unseen entity that seems determined to rip them apart.
The biggest question looms over them like a dark cloud who is going to help us? There are emergency services for many things, but not of this nature. It might be easier to believe temporary insanity, if not for the vast amount of witnesses. Police, fire services, mediums, priests and investigators all become embroiled in the mystery. The family struggles to cope, and Caroline grows concerned for her husband’s failing health as he withdraws from the world. However, the entity has only just begun.
Paranormal Intruder is the true story of one family’s brave fight against an invisible entity. Described as one of the best documented cases of paranormal activity, this best selling book will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.

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My rating 5/5

I decided I needed to read this book after seeing lots of great reviews and recommendations for Caroline Mitchell’s books and as much as it scares me, the paranormal has always fascinated me.

Paranormal Intruder intrigued me as it is a true account of paranormal activity which Caroline, her husband Neil, their family and friends were subjected to. Seemingly random as they wouldn’t have expected their house to be haunted as it was a new build and they were the first and only family to live there.

The occurrences they experienced ranged from seemingly playful games to down right dangerous, such as fire starting and knife throwing! I can only imagine what it must have been like to witness such activity and actually fear for the safety of your family. The disruption they had to deal with because of this ‘entity’ was more than many could have dealt with whilst trying to function normally day-to-day. Having to travel to parents homes, for quite long periods of time as they were too scared to stay in their own home overnight must have been a strain on family life. Having to re-home their beloved dogs must have been heartbreaking. I can’t imagine having to give up my Shih Tzu. I’d be devastated, as Caroline and her family obviously were. To feel like you aren’t welcome in your own home must be horrendous!

This is a fascinating story, but equally terrifying. Not for the faint hearted, but a must read for anyone with even the slightest interest in the paranormal. If you are a sceptic, I challenge you to read this and offer a reasonable alternative explanation for these occurrences. I doubt anyone could!

I’m happy to say I’m now a Caroline Mitchell fan and I will be reading her other books.

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