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Colleen Coleman


For those who don’t know already, could you tell us about yourself and your book(s) please?

My name is Colleen Coleman. I was born in Canada but raised in Ireland. I write fun, light, uplifting women’s contemporary fiction and I’m signed with my dream publisher Bookouture. My debut Don’t Stop Me Now is out in March and I am over the moon.

Where did/do you get your ideas from?

Gossip! Only joking ( -ish!) I love to socialise and chat and I’m hugely interested in real life personal stories. So my ears perk up and my imagination starts whirring when I hear of someone who has found themselves in an interesting situation and I follow with interest how they figure out how to move onwards and upwards. There is nothing more extraordinary than the ordinary.

Are any of your characters based (however loosely) on anyone you know?

There may be elements of people I know but I only draw on the positive or I might incorporate something of their way of speaking or sense of style.

How do you pick your characters names?

What a great question! This is one of my favourite things to do EVER. I have twin girls and I spent my entire pregnancy writing girls’ names in glitter gel pen on scraps of paper. I love names; they can make such an impression straight away so it’s one of the bits I look forward to most. Usually once I get the character in my head, the name just comes and it feels right but when I ‘m stuck I’ll read the credits at the end of a tv programme or film to get some new ideas.

Can you share your writing process with us, in a nutshell?

I start with the character and what they want / need most in their lives that they haven’t got at the moment. Then I try to think of ways they could learn the lessons they need to which brings me to the middle, then the character needs to show that growth and make their own choices to get us both to the end. I love to draw so I storyboard it all and then I’ll start to build the bigger idea with lots of pictures like a scrapbook. And once the story is uncovered, I write pretty quickly.

Who are your top 5 favourite authors?

Marian Keyes

Linsay Kelk

Andy Jones

Claudia Carroll

Helen Fielding

If you could meet any author, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Marian Keyes. I dream of meeting her. I feel I grew up with her. The warmth and wit of her stories have made such a difference to my life especially when I first left Ireland and felt very homesick. I have several copies of all her books, ones I reached for on long lonely train journeys and ones I collapsed into bed with sobbing after a hard day at work. Opening up a Marian Keyes has never failed to lift my mood and give me hope. And laugh, of course!

What would I ask her? Probably. ‘How do you do it and can you teach me?! I’d ask her to spill all her secrets on how she makes her stories sparkle. Oh, and I’d ask her about her amazing clothes. I love her style too.. I know, I’m a big fan

Were you a big reader as a child?

Yes. I read everything going. From poems to maps to menus, if it was in English, I read it.

When did you start to write?

Once we started creative writing in school, I was hooked and wrote for pleasure from then on. My parents and teachers were wonderful and encouraged me simply by reading what I produced and treating it like it was interesting or entertaining. That was more than enough to make me smile and continue.

If you could re-write the ending to any book what would it be and what would you change?

Well, I know it isn’t a book but I just saw La La Land and I’d change the ending so that they do get together and achieve their shared dream …. I left the cinema muttering with disbelief.. NO!!! YOU BELONG TOGETHER!!

Is there a book you wish you had written?

Too many to mention! I read Roald Dahl with my daughters and the stories are wonderful on so many levels.

If you could invite any fictional character for coffee who would it be and where would you take them?

I love these questions! I loved the character of Emma in One Day. I bawled for two days when I got to the end of that book. Couldn’t speak. I’d love to take her to her North London Deli and ask her what she’d change, what she would do differently, what are her conclusions of life and love and everything in between.

What are you working on right now?

My second book which is about a character that I just love already and I desperately want her to get the happiness she deserves.

Do you have a new release due?

Don’t Stop Me Now is out March 22nd . Not long now!!!

What do you generally do to celebrate on publication day?

I’m having a little party. Cupcakes, canapes and cocktails. And I spotted a pair of red ankle-boot heels (!) like Poppy is wearing on my front cover, so I may just check out if they have them in my size.

How can readers keep in touch with you?

Email list: http://www.bookouture.com/colleen-coleman

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CollColemanAuth/

Twitter: @CollColemanAuth

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

One of the first reviews I received explained how the lady was in a lot of pain and seeking solace from reading. She then said that Don’t Stop Me Now was the perfect book to lift her spirits and make her laugh. This is the most wonderful compliment I have ever received in my life and if I never get another review, I will have this and it will be more than worth it. This makes me so so happy.

I am tremendously grateful for everyone taking the time to read this and for reading Don’t Stop Me Now. Any aspiring writers out there do get in touch and don’t give up! Keep plugging away and keep believing in yourself. I’m rooting for you all the way xxx

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, Colleen 🙂


Publisher: Bookouture (22nd March 2017)

A hilarious feel good read about making lemonade when life gives you lemons, and finding the silver lining in every cloud.

Poppy Bloom planned to finish her PhD and walk straight into a job at her university. But here she is, unemployed, unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend, and living back at her mum’s in her vampire-themed childhood bedroom.

Not exactly what she was hoping for.

But when Poppy sets her mind to something, nothing can stand in her way. She scores herself an internship at the hottest radio station in town, joins a netball team, and renews her friendship with her oldest friend Leanne. Spending time with Leanne’s gorgeous twin Tom is just a bonus…

But life has a way of tripping you up when you least expect it, and Poppy soon has to decide where her priorities lie… With new friends, a new career and a new romance, can Poppy keep everyone happy, or is everything about to tumble down around her?

A laugh-out-loud story about friendship, second chances, and new love, perfect for fans of Lindsey Kelk, Marian Keyes and Jane Costello.

About the author…..

Colleen Coleman is an Irish-Canadian novelist. She is the winner of the much-coveted Novelicious Undiscovered People’s Choice Award launched to find the next ‘chick-lit star’. She spent over ten years working as a teacher of English and Philosophy before finally taking a deep breath, scrunching her eyes shut, putting her pen to paper and vowing not to lift it again until she wrote the words The End. As a result, her first novel was born. Colleen lives between London, Ireland and Cyprus with her very patient husband and very, very chatty twin daughters. Don’t Stop Me Now is her first book and will be released in March. 

Colleen Coleman’s Amazon Author Page

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