Unfortunately, I haven’t had chance to read and review  in time for this blog tour post, so Vivian Conroy has kindly provided a guest post for my stop. My review will follow as soon as possible.

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Guest post…..

Why Cornisea Castle is your perfect escape – a mini guide to its (secret) attractions

1. Cornisea Castle isn’t just any castle: it lies on a tidal island, which means the island is cut off from the mainland at high tide, while you can walk over across a centuries old causeway at low tide
2. All the Cornish food specialties, like pasty, can be tried at the island’s very own eatery while sweet treats fill the shelves at the authentic bakery.
3. Booklovers find a treasure trove at The Cowled Sleuth Bookshop where the leatherbound volumes might just contain a treasure map.
4. The castle has its own gardens full of blossoming plants and impressive trees where birds make their nests and even lizards come out to sunbathe.
5. The castle’s yard is the perfect place to lounge as it has comfy chairs and braziers which at night give warmth and a little light which still leaves room for stargazing.

6. In the castle you might run into chaotic Lord Bolingbrooke, his globetrotting son Oliver and their friendly giants Rufus (mastiff) and Nero (Great Dane).
7. Always eager to show you around are new arrival Guinevere, a costume designer from London with her adorable dachshund Dolly. Dolly is perky, smart and always in for adventure around the island’s breathtaking sights.
8. Speaking of adventure: one island tale mentions the goblet of Rose and Stars, a rare bejewelled goblet, possibly hidden in the castle gardens and associated with the fatal romance between a lady and her lord of the castle.
9. Maybe by collecting puzzle pieces around the island, you can figure out where the goblet is hidden and see the rubies and diamonds for yourself.
10. But look out: you’re not the only one searching for the goblet and some people are determined to do anything to get their hands on that priceless artefact.

Join the treasure hunt and download Rubies in the Roses for your very own Cornish escape. You can read it as standalone, although if you like more Cornisea Island, you can go back and read Death Plays a Part where the reenactment of a medieval trial leads to death in the dungeons.

About the author…..

Vivian Conroy writes several cozy mystery series for HarperCollins UK. Her Lady Alkmene 1920s’ Mysteries, of which the first instalment A Proposal To Die For became an Amazon USA and Canada best seller in five categories, will continue with a new instalment in October, Fatal Masquerade, set at a Venetian style masked ball where every guest has a secret and some of these secrets prove lethal. For all the latest bookish news, with plenty of dogs and desserts, follow Vivian on Twitter via . You can also find her books on Goodreads, Library Thing, Book Bub and Fantastic Fiction.

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