The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale

In this book that you hold, a true story unfolds,
Of a Christmas not too long ago.
Where I’m lead to believe, on a cold Christmas eve,
Three Siblings played out in the snow.

As all children do, when the snow bustles through,
They built an acquaintance to scale.
But not a snow man, as suggested by Dan,
They built a snow queen, Elaine Gale

And they started to tell, how she’d cast an old spell,
For every child to be cruel.
For if no names exist, on Santa’s nice list,
There would be no Christmas at all.

But little did they know, as they played in the snow,
Before the night was through.
That story they told, would find life in the cold.
And every word would come true.

My review…..

Well, I have been thoroughly entertained by this wonderfully clever rhyming Christmas story.

Daniel, Claire and Ben decide to build a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. There’s nothing unusual about that, I hear you say, but this is no ordinary snowman. She is to be an evil snow queen called Elaine Gale, which I think is the most fabulous name by the way! Little did they know that the story they make up for her was to come true and they must race against time to save Christmas.

This book is so original and so beautifully written I can’t imagine anyone, young or old, not enjoying it. It made me smile, a lot!

(My friend read it whilst she was here on Monday night and loved it to. She’s 40 like me!)

The illustrations are just brilliant also. I will be looking after my 6 year old niece tomorrow and will read it to her. I know she will love it!

Why not treat the children in your life to this captivating book. It will make an excellent last minute gift. They will enjoy it this Christmastime or at any time of the year really.

Many thanks to Daniel Thompson for sending me my beautiful copy. I’ll happily recommend to anyone!

Purchase on Kindle or paperback here…..



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