High Force

My review…..

WOW! L J Ross has done it again! This is another gripping read in this awesome series. I know I’ve said it before, but honestly this series just gets better and better. I think it’s partly due to getting to know some of the characters more and more as the series progresses, making each book almost feel like catching up with old friends.

High Force picks up where Angel (book 4) left off. There was no way I could not read this book immediately after finishing Angel and, OH. MY. GOODNESS, what a start to a book. Needless to say I was totally hooked from the very first page.

The Hacker has escaped from prison and has kidnapped one of DCI Ryan’s best detectives. She isn’t his typical type, but he is determined to seek revenge on Ryan for putting him away and plans to hit him where he knows it will hurt most. He is free and whilst he plays his games with DCI Ryan, biding his time, he finds himself bored and looking for someone to satisfy his needs. Now, more than ever, the team need to find him and put him back behind bars before he can destroy any more lives.

High Force was particularly terrifying for me, having a sixteen year old daughter. It doesn’t even bare thinking about. I could feel the raw emotion of the team when a young victim is found. I know this is fiction, but I take my hat off to anyone who has to deal with these kind of things as part of their job. I know murder isn’t pretty, but this one is particularly horrific and absolutely heartbreaking.

Brilliantly written, as is the whole series so far. It’s everything you could want in a murder mystery. LOVED it!

Make sure you read them all, if you haven’t already. I highly recommend! I will now be starting Book 6!

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