The Moor cover

Well, what can I say!? A DCI Ryan mystery never disappoints! This is one of my most favourite series’. L J Ross will always be one of my most favourite authors. Having read and loved Holy Island I have been totally addicted to this series and I love catching up with Ryan, Phillips and the team. They feel very much like old friends now. Having said that, each book features a fresh new investigation, with references to the past, so I would say each could easily be read as a standalone although I would obviously recommend reading them all in order because they are just brilliant. The personal stories of the main characters do develop throughout the series.

In The Moor we meet ten year old Samantha who is a lovely little character. She’s had far more to deal with then any child should have to, and my heart went out to her. She has been brought up to believe that her mother abandoned her and her father when she was two years old, but she starts to have flashbacks which make her think something more sinister happened. She seeks out DCI Ryan, having seen him on the TV, and the mystery begins. It soon becomes clear that Samantha’s mother was murdered, but proving it was never going to be easy, especially as their main witness was only two years old at the time! Ryan is determined, as always, to get to the bottom of things though and all sorts of secrets are uncovered during the course of the investigation.

The Moor is another fast-paced whodunnit, full of suspense and intrigue with a compelling plot and fascinating characters.

I loved the relationship Samantha develops with Phillips and McKenzie. It was quite heart-warming and a lovely aspect of the story.

Oh, and what a cliff-hanger!! I’m SO glad I have Penshaw ready to read. I can’t wait to find out what happens.

A big thank you to L J Ross for my kindle review copy and beautiful signed paperback copy!


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happy reading 🙂

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