Hi all! I’m delighted to welcome Patricia Furstenberg back to Chat About Books today, as part of her As Good As Gold blog tour 🙂

As Good As Gold blog tour

Guest post…..

Five Things My Dogs Have Taught Me – by Patricia Furstenberg

I love dogs, I admit it, if you haven’t figured that out until now as of the eight children’s books I wrote so far six are about dogs or have a dog as one of the characters. Here are five things the dogs I was fortunate enough to share my life with have taught me.

Always say it how you feel – especially when you are happy. You might just make someone else happy!

Dogs just know how to be happy! When I was still living in an apartment I could hear my dog’s claws on the hallway tiles while I was still approaching the front door, before I even tried to unlock it! Then she would shake her sleep off and begin to whine as I never, ever, could unlock the door fast enough! The joys of our reunion always put a smile on my face no matter the type of day I’ve had! But what about her day? She’s been home alone, mostly sleeping, probably doing a few rounds between the door and the window, to check for any pedestrians. Yet she never complained; she was always overjoyed about our reunion.

Take a walk… or two

Except for the midst of European winter, when the snow is piled so high that not even dogs wants to go out (I know mine didn’t! My father had to pick her up, avoid the heaps of snow and choose a flat enough area for our dog to… well… relieve herself; after which she would dash for home!) – well, except for those days, dogs love the outdoors! They enjoy the weather, feel the breeze, soak in the sun, chase a bird or two. Now I don’t intend chasing birds, yet taking an aimless walk just for the sake of the wind and the sun does feel refreshing and I discovered that it helps me get rid of stress and clear my mind. Don’t dogs know best?

Trust your pack. And love it unconditionally

Are humans pack animals? I think we are, although some of us *ahem* crave solitude and do need it to write… Dogs need their pack, be it just one human or an entire Italian family. They need it, adopt each member (but only recognize one as their leader) and love them unconditionally. I think their pack is what “home” really means for a dog. What gives them a sense of security and belonging. And they are so true in their choice of sanctuary. Family is what matters most and what is worth fighting for at the end of the day. If you would have to leave your home in the spur or the moment and would have only two minutes to take something valuable with you, what would it be? What is the first thing that goes through your mind (and your heart)? I know I would grab my kids and my husband and never let go of their hands.

Home, sweet home

A dog that lives in an apartment would adore outings, the park and to socialize with other dogs, fetching sticks and sniffing just about each bush and tree… Yet he would also love to hang on the sofa, lay next to you (preferably with his heads on your leg) and chill. Just chilling at home – I must do more of this stuff!

A muddy carpet isn’t the end of the world

Ever house trained a puppy? Ever took a dog for a walk on a rainy day only to return home and look away for just a second – enough for the puppy to conclude, all on his own, that his paws are clean enough?

If you went through this then you’ve learned (I know I did!) not to sweat the small stuff. A muddy carpet (or sofa, as busy paws never sit still especially when they are dirty!) can be cleaned, eventually. A dress can be replaced and so does the cover of the car seat. What matters is what stays behind; the laughter, the memories, that fuzzy feeling.

Thanks so much for such a lovely guest post, Patricia 🙂 I love my pooch!


As Good As Gold cover

As engaging as a tail wag.
Celebrating the simple things in life as seen through the eyes of our old time favorite furry friends, “As Good as Gold” is a volume of poetry revealing the talent and humor we always knew our dogs possessed.
Dogs are full of questions, yet they are famed sellers of innocence especially when it comes to explaining their mishaps and often foolish effervescence through such pondering as “Why IS a Cat Not Like a Dog”, “As Brown as Chocolate”, “Silver Stars and Puppy Tail” or, best yet, “Dog or Book?”
A book with an enormous heart for readers of all ages, it includes 35 poems and haiku accompanied by expressive portraits of our canine friends. The poems are grouped in: Questions, Colors, Musings and Haiku.

* Ideal to boost you up by reading one poem at a time,
* Great conversational piece to have around on a rainy day,
* Fantastic tool to discuss colors in nature and everyday questions with your little ones,
* A gentle way to introduce children to animals’ feelings,
* Amazing picture to cheer you up.
* An ideal gift for any dog lovers!




Endless walls, whispers,

Tall, leafy soldiers stand guard.

The king is walking.


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About the author…..

Patricia Furstenburg

Patricia Furstenberg came to writing though reading, her passion for books being something she inherited from her parents.
She won two key legs (chapter six, “Someone is Missing” and chapter nine, “Reconstruction of the Crime”) of the Write Your Own Christie Competition and was runner-up for chapter four. The Judges “were impressed by her thorough investigation and admired the strength of her narrative; they were impressed by her style” and congratulated Patricia on winning the penultimate chapter. “This was perhaps one of the hardest rounds of the competition and the judges felt that Patricia’s chapter was confident and intriguing.” The judges thought Patricia’s writing style is “well structured, with a great sense of tension and suspense.”

The Judges were Mathew Prichard, Agatha Christie’s grandchild involved in publishing and promoting her books since 1960s, David Brawn, Agatha Christie’s Publisher at Harper Collins UK for the last 20 years and Daniel Mallory who works primarily with thrillers and crime fiction at Harper Collins US.

When she’s not writing Patricia likes to read, read, read, drink coffee and listen to music.
One of the characters portrayed in her children stories is Pete, the yellow toy elephant. Not many know, but Pete exists and lives in Pat’s home.
This Romanian born writer is living happily with her husband, children and dogs in sunny South Africa.

Patricia Furstenberg Author Page and Blog: http://alluringcreations.co.za/wp/
Patricia Furstenberg for Huffington Post SA: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.za/patricia-furstenberg/

Connect on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PatFurstenberg
Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PatriciaFurstenbergAuthor
Connect on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/patriciafurstenberg

Patricia Furstenberg was interviewed by author and marketeer David P Perlmutter

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