Hi! I’m delighted to be joining in with Rachel Lynch’s Deep Fear blog tour today. I have a lovely interview with the author herself to share with you all. 

Deep Fear blog tour

Many thanks to Ellie Pilcher, at Canelo, for the opportunity to take part.

Interview with Rachel Lynch…..

Rachel Lynch

For those who don’t know already, could you tell us about yourself and your book(s) please?

I’m a busy full time mum. I was a history teacher for twelve years and a personal trainer for ten. I began writing full time eight years ago. I love all genres but I write Crime Thrillers because I get to create awesome characters who pursue a journey to enable good to triumph over evil and I love that about crime fiction.

Where did/do you get your ideas from?

I get my ideas from everything; it might be an overheard conversation, a news piece, an ancient myth, a character at an airport, or something my children told me. I’m thinking about stories constantly, and writing is one way to still the noise.

Are any of your characters based (however loosely) on anyone you know?

I suppose we all write about what we’ve seen and experienced. There’s lots of me in Kelly: I’m from Cumbria, I’m a runner, I’m stubborn and committed, but, there the similarity ends. There are bits of my husband in Johnny: he’s ex-army, but, again, my characters have to fly solo and once they’re created they begin to evolve all on their own. That’s the joy of fiction: creating a whole world to immerse one’s self in.

How do you pick your characters names?

My character’s names are utterly random. Except that I make a point of making sure they’re not real or related to anyone in my life.

Can you share your writing process with us, in a nutshell?

My writing process is utterly erratic and depends on when I get a moment’s peace. I have two demanding children (13 and 11), and I usually write when they’re either at school or in bed. I write at a desk in an extension with a lot of sun light, and I sometimes listen to music. I’m very near the kettle as I drink a lot of coffee.

Who are your top 5 favourite authors?

This is such a difficult question! I have no idea how to narrow down the thousands of amazing authors I’ve read. All I can do is tell you about five people who pop into my head and who, when I’ve read their work, make me emotional. Maya Angelou, Primo Levi, Khaled Hosseini, Joseph Conrad and Daphne Du Maurier.

If you could meet any author, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Another tough question! Perhaps Arthur Miller, and I’d ask him what it was like to be witch hunted in the Red Scare of the 1950s in America. (I might also ask him about Marilyn Monroe.) Turning life experience into unforgettable fiction, like The Crucible, is awe inspiring to me.

Were you a big reader as a child?

My head was always in a book as a child, books were my life. They were my gateway out of a very narrow minded, working class upbringing and showed me places that I wanted to go. I’ve never lost that sense of exploration and wonder. Books make everything possible.

When did you start to write?

I’ve always written something, from poetry to articles. I began writing seriously eight years ago, when I wrote my first full length novel. I can remember thinking that 100,000 words was an impossible task, but I eventually managed it and that’s now where I’m comfortable.

If you could re-write the ending to any book what would it be and what would you change?

Being a hopeless romantic, I’d probably have Romeo and Juliet running away together.

Is there a book you wish you had written?

There are plenty! I like stories that make my hairs stand up on end, so, Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rosnay would be one example…

If you wrote an autobiography, what would your title be?

The Road less Travelled

If you could invite any fictional character for coffee who would it be and where would you take them?

It would have to be Hercule Poirot, I’d take him to a little place on Montmartre…

Tell us a random fact about yourself.

I don’t like oysters

What are you working on right now?

In between the publicity for Deep Fear, I’m editing number three in the Kelly Porter series and finishing number four.

Tell us about your last release?

Dark Game is about a series of seemingly unconnected crimes in The Lake District, investigated by Detective Inspector Kelly Porter. She unravels a web of organised crime that has been establishing itself in the area for quite some time, and introduces us to Kelly’s professional and personal life. She faces tough decisions as her enquiries sometimes fall too close to home, and, as the shady and brutal characters behind the stream of illegal activity are revealed, Kelly realises that perhaps her beloved Lake District isn’t the sleepy tranquil idyll that she once assumed.

Do you have a new release due?

Deep Fear sees Kelly Porter back on the case, but this time hunting a sadistic killer who leaves strange clues on each victim. It’s a race against time for her to solve the case as more and more women are taken, and pressure mounts to rid the beautiful Lake District of a deranged monster.

What do you generally do to celebrate on publication day?

It’s an ordinary working day for me, I get on with my work because there’s always more to say.

How can readers keep in touch with you?

I’m on twitter @r_lynchcrime and Instagram at rachellynchcrime. Come and say hello!

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Crime in the Lake District is actually very low!

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, Rachel 🙂

Deep Fear cover

Title: Deep Fear

Author Name: Rachel Lynch

Previous Books (if applicable): Dark Game

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Police Procedural

Release Date: 21st May 2018

Publisher: Canelo

Book Blurb: DI Kelly Porter is back. But will this new case push her beyond her limits?

On a peaceful summer’s morning in the Lake District, a woman’s body is discovered outside a church. She’s been murdered and a brutal, symbolic act performed on her corpse. DI Kelly Porter is in charge of the team investigating the crime, and is determined to bring the killer to justice. But as more deaths occur it is clear this is the work of a disturbed, dangerous and determined individual. Can Kelly put the puzzle pieces together before the danger comes closer to home?

Don’t miss this gripping crime thriller featuring an unforgettable detective. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Patricia Gibney and Robert Bryndza.

Link to Book:



Author Bio:

Rachel Lynch grew up in Cumbria and the lakes and fells are never far away from her. London pulled her away to teach History and marry an Army Officer, whom she followed around the globe for thirteen years. A change of career after children led to personal training and sports therapy, but writing was always the overwhelming force driving the future. The human capacity for compassion as well as its descent into the brutal and murky world of crime are fundamental to her work.

Rachel Lynch series

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