Hi, I have something a little different for you today…..

There’s a new literary podcast out of Rockford, Illinois, and Dan Klefstad is their first guest. The Rockford Writers’ Guild recorded Dan reading five of his stories, beginning with “The Caretaker” which I reviewed – The Caretaker – A short story by Dan Klefstad @danklefstad. The other four are follow-ups. Dan will record a handful more later this summer. Give them a try — they’re free!

DanPodcast2 - Copy[4309]

Photo courtesy of The Rockford Writers’ Guild


Ep.1 “The Caretaker” http://bit.ly/2lx3HyD

Ep. 2 “The Interview” http://bit.ly/2m9HKpX

Ep. 3 “Solstice” http://bit.ly/2D47OJg

Ep. 4 “Wolf at Fiona’s Castle” http://bit.ly/2GCZAKt

Ep. 5  “Hauptsturmführer Fillennius”



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