A Reason To Grieve

A Reason To Grieve has been a thoroughly enjoyable read. It is the first book I’ve read by Mick Williams, but I will be adding his other books to my list.

We meet Emma and Tom as they meet each other in somewhat unusual circumstances, but it is obvious there is an instant spark between them. However, what should be the start of a beautiful romance is far from straight forward as they both have their own issues and personal barriers. I have to say that I didn’t really warm to Emma, but I loved her friendship group as a whole. I thought Tom was totally adorable and I really wanted to shake some sense into Emma at times. I found her character to be quite frustrating for the most part, although I did empathise with the betrayal she had suffered. I loved her Dad though and really felt for him. He had also been betrayed, but makes much more sense of the world and of how short life can be (even if he doesn’t always take his own advice!).

Tom and his friends are a good bunch. I found their banter highly amusing at times. All very different character’s, but all very likeable.

Doris is just the most beautiful character. I can’t imagine anyone not loving her! She actually made me laugh out loud on several occasions and her story brought a tear to my eye. Bless her and her blue rinse 😉

This book has it’s fair share of sadness and heart-break, but overall it’s an uplifting love story and a lesson to us all about making the most of life and those we share it with.

Many thanks to Mick Williams for my lovely signed paperback copy.

Via AmazonUK…..

Tom and Emma drift through life, both burdened with a heavy sense of grief. Both have suffered devastating loss and have closed themselves off to the possibility of happiness. Then, at a funeral, their eyes meet and they feel something neither expected.
Supported by their quirky friends and a ‘right to the point’ pensioner, will they overcome their fears and find the solution to the pain within each other, or will they give up and go their separate ways?
In turns funny and sad, A Reason to Grieve is a romantic tale about two people fighting their feelings, about love and loss. And about funerals.

About the author…..

Mick Williams

Mick Williams moved to the US from Stoke-On-Trent, England.

In between reading and writing, he still watches proper football and follows his local team, Port Vale, although he does also cheer for the Indianapolis Colts.

He was adopted by two cats and resides in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mick Williams’ Amazon Author Page

Happy reading 🙂


7 thoughts on “A Reason To Grieve by Mick Williams #BookReview

  1. Loved this book!! Read it a while ago. BTW… Mick is now back in the old country having left Kentucky and many friends. Be sure to collect his other works, each is different and wonderful.

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