A Reason to Breathe

(The ‘Reason’ Collection Book 2)

By Mick Williams

Is it okay to grow old disgracefully?

I absolutely loved A Reason to Grieve by Mick Williams, so I was very exited to read A Reason to Breathe and re-visit some of the lovely characters. Mick Williams has such a way of creating characters you will fall in love with.

In this sequel we find Henry has compiled a bucket list. A bucket list he needs his friends to help with. Each one of them must choose one activity to achieve with Henry. They vary from skydiving to stargazing! (I know which I would prefer! Lol!)

I love the relationships these characters share, and the banter between them is hilarious at times. The focus is on Henry achieving his bucket list, but each of the other characters has their own story to tell. Their own worries and issues to deal with. All of them are relatable in one way or another and all add such a depth to the book making it a well-rounded story of love, friendship, and of making each day count.

My favourite character is Steve. I love him! He is hilarious and made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. He so deserves to be happy.

Mick Williams’ personality shines through his lovable, believable characters. I have loved every book he has written. All of them are so different but equally brilliant.

He has nailed it again!

An easy five stars for me. In case I haven’t made it clear enough. I LOVED it!

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happy reading!

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