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This is the first time I’ve ever read a book over the course of one day! Of course it helps when you’re reading to a deadline and have run out of days, but I did find myself quite captivated by Allegra O’Brien’s story.

When we meet 42 year old Allegra she is a happy housewife and mother of two teenage children, a girl and boy, so very relatable to me. I can only imagine her heart-break though when she discovers her husband is being unfaithful to her. I would be absolutely devastated and her reaction to the situation is very believable. It seems to be somewhat of a blessing it disguise though as she eventually finds herself free to properly be herself again and explore the interests she had put to one side to be a wife and mother. Her husband isn’t the most likeable of characters and he does do her a favour really by leaving her for his much younger girlfriend.

As Allegra comes to terms with such a drastic change to her life, she does start re-visiting her interest in her family history, on her mother’s Italian side and I found myself swept up in fascination by it all myself. Her visits to Tuscany sound idyllic, apart from one lapse of judgement during her first visit, and are made all the more charming when she meets police officer, Massimo.

This book was just a delight to read. Written with such beautifully descriptive language and with a genuine care for the characters and the stories they have to tell. All of whom add their own depth to the story, including the children. I don’t know, but would hazard a guess that the writer might have teenage children herself as she writes them perfectly.

I was as keen as Allegra to find out the truth behind her family mystery and was hoping for a happy ending for her and Massimo the whole time. A lovely, inspiring story about following your dreams and not letting anyone hold you back.

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‘A castle, mystery and love set in Tuscany are the perfect ingredients for an entertaining and enjoyable read’ Santa Montefiore


A uplifting, romantic adventure set against the stunning backdrop of a Tuscan Castle

When Allegra O’Brien discovers her husband s infidelity, her world is shattered and she seeks solace in the sanctuary family. Her Italian grandpapas s tales of legendary Mama Cosima and the mysterious Peacock Room reawaken her love of historic, interior architecture, inspiring Allegra to take a trip to Tuscany to learn more about her heritage.

While a dangerous encounter throws her off course, a handsome stranger helps Allegra discover there is more to her family history than she could ever imagine. With her new-found confidence, and in the wake of her grandpapa s illness, Allegra makes an unexpected discovery, and finally commits to fulfilling the promise she made to solve a family mystery.

Richly laced with the colours and contours of Tuscany, and the kaleidoscopic beauty of Sammezzano Castle, this full-bodied romance will captivate you to the very end.


“A castle, mystery and love set in Tuscany are the perfect ingredients for an entertaining and enjoyable read.” –Santa Montefiore, author, The Daughters of Ireland

About the Author

Merryn Corcoran was born in New Zealand and has enjoyed success in the business world. In addition to writing, Merryn is the London ambassador for Beau Joie champagne. She also works for London-based Cork Films as executive producer and publicist, with its most recent movie The Stolen released in UK cinemas in October 2017. Merryn has been a keen supporter of UNICEF for the past 14 years, chaired and organised an annual celebrity Gala Ball in London and raised approximately GBP100,000,000 for the charity. She was made a UNICEF Honorary Fellow (UK) in 2002. Merryn’s first novel The Silent Village (2013) made it to the best-selling list in New Zealand. Her second novel, The Paris Inheritance also went straight to #2 on the best-selling list in 2014. She divides her time between Menton in the south of France, London and New Zealand.

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