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The first thing I’ll say about The Crow Girl is that it is really, really, long! If you like a quick read this won’t be the book for you. It has taken me almost a month to read it! It also deals with some very sensitive and harrowing subject matters such as child sex abuse, so it certainly isn’t for the faint hearted either. Having said that I found it totally compelling. Disturbing, but compelling!

I’m probably not doing a great job of selling it to you, but honestly, it is so brilliantly written it completely drew me in from the very beginning and had my full attention right to the very last page.

It is set in Sweden but has been translated perfectly and despite some difficult to pronounce character and place names I found this an easy to follow story. Told from various characters’ perspectives, I loved the psychological aspects of the story as well as the police procedural. This is a gripping, steady paced, crime thriller with some fascinating characters. It is full of suspense and intrigue and, in my opinion, an excellent read which I would happily recommend. I will be looking out for more by this author to add to my reading list.

Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy, via Netgalley.

Via AmazonUK…..

The international thriller sensation

It starts with just one body – the hands bound, the skin covered in marks.

Detective Superintendent Jeanette Kihlberg is determined to find out who is responsible, despite opposition from her superiors. When two more bodies are discovered, it becomes clear that she is hunting a serial killer.

With her career on the line, Kihlberg turns to psychotherapist Sofia Zetterlund. Together, they expose a chain of shocking events that began decades ago – but will it lead them to the murderer before someone else dies?

‘A compulsive page-turner
Sunday Express

‘Compelling… we are left gasping for breath
Daily Mail

‘There’s a fantastic twist… the pace of its revelations is relentless’

happy reading 🙂


13 thoughts on “The Crow Girl by Erik Axl Sund #BookReview #Netgalley

  1. Hi, I’m glad to have found your blog and this review. I do like this genre, and even though this is a long book, and with your other warnings, I’m going to add Crow Girl to my list. I’m looking forward to seeing your reviews in my Reader!

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