Caro Land

(Review written 11/06/2020)

Having read, and loved, Convictions by Caro Land I was SO glad I had a copy of Confessions to start straight away! I have been totally gripped once again!

This is an excellent second book in the Natalie Bach series and although I have to read a series in order, and highly recommend that you read Convictions, this book would read easily as a standalone.

This book is quite an emotional rollercoaster for Natalie, and other characters featured throughout. Gavin Savage is one of my favourite characters and my heart just broke for him when his family suffers a devastating tragedy. Natalie is naturally affected too as Gavin is one of her closest friends and colleagues. She helps by working at Savage Solicitors whilst Gavin quite rightly prioritises his family. During this time, she finds herself dealing with a complicated and heart-wrenching case of assisted suicide (I can’t even begin to imagine).

Natalie also has her own personal relationship with Wes to deal with (I did want to bang their heads together at one point!) as well as tying up some loose ends from her past. There is such a lot going on in this book, but it flows perfectly, and everyone plays a vital part in adding depth to the story. I found myself easily swept up in their lives.

Natalie is an easily likeable character. I can imagine being friends with her. She is beautifully flawed which makes her so real and believable. She has a quick temper at times, and over analyses pretty much everything but she has a heart of gold. She’s always trying to do her best for everyone, professionally and personally, to her own detriment at times. She deeply craves true love and a family of her own and I truly wished this for her.

This book made me cry, at times, and hold my breath in anticipation but it also made me smile, a lot.

Once again, a captivating story of love, loss, friendship and family with a fascinating insight into the daily lives of solicitors. I LOVED it!

Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy. I will more than happily recommend!

Via AmazonUK

A brilliant new drama by bestselling author Caroline England, writing as Caro Land.

Dig for the truth and you’ll get dirty…

Natalie Bach is facing personal turmoil, legal conundrums and challenges. While trying to make a difference, she walks the fine line between being a help and a hinderance.

Seconded to criminal law firm, Savage Solicitors, Nat finds herself out of her depth when she’s handed a complicated and tragic case of assisted suicide. Will she get to the bottom of what really happened?

With a heavy workload to juggle, can Nat untangle her own feelings from another very personal and troubling investigation?

Confessions is second book in a gripping new legal, crime suspense series written by bestselling author Caroline England, writing as Caro Land, though can equally be read as an unmissable stand-alone.
It will appeal to fans of authors like Diane Jeffrey, Samantha Hayes and K.L. Slater as well as readers of women’s fiction.



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