The Shrine

The Shrine

(The DCI Ryan Mysteries, book 16)

LJ Ross

(Review written on 15th July 2020)


I don’t know how LJ Ross does it, but The Shrine is another exceptional read in the DCI Ryan series. To get to book 16 and still maintain the same level of quality throughout the entire series is proof of an outstanding writer.

Each book has it’s own story to tell, but the personal stories of the main characters develop throughout the series so, although this would read perfectly well as a standalone, I would recommend that you read the series in order. I fell in love with these characters from the very first book, Holy Island, and my love for them has grown over the series. I do talk about them as if I know them personally. I have been doing so this week whilst on holiday in Yorkshire with my husband. He thinks I’m a bit nuts, but he listens all the same 😉 Ryan is an extremely likeable and charismatic character. You would definitely want him on your side in a crisis. I love seeing the softer side to him in his relationship with Anna, and also his friendship with Phillips (who is easily my favourite character of all!).

The investigation the team are faced with in The Shrine is very much personal this time. This book starts with a bang, quite literally, and my heart was in my mouth waiting to find out if all would be well. I have visited Durham cathedral (when we visited friends who live in Sunderland) so I could picture the scene quite vividly. I can only imagine the terror of being involved though.

A colleague is shot dead on her doorstep at almost the same time as the incident at Durham cathedral. Are the two crimes connected? If so, how?

I thoroughly enjoyed following the team through their investigation and the banter they share along the way.

I enjoyed seeing a bit more of Ryan’s parents also. His relationship with his father is an interesting one and I think some readers might find it quite relatable.

As always, the perfect mix of professional and personal.

This book definitely left me wanting more. I can’t wait to read book 17!

happy reading!

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