How to Save a Life

S.D. Robertson

(Review written on 18th August 2020)

Having read, and loved, If Ever I Fall by S.D. Robertson back in February 2018, I was very much looking forward to reading How to Save a Life. I have not been disappointed. This author certainly knows how to write an emotional story.

In this book we meet Luke, who initially comes across as a grumpy character who doesn’t really have the time of day for anyone. You would think this would make it easy to dislike him, but somehow even from the start I was drawn to him. At 39 years old, living alone with his cat, Alfred (LOVE that name for a cat by-the-way!) and singlehandedly running a traditional barber shop I had a feeling he would have a history that wasn’t entirely a happy one. I wasn’t wrong.

When Luke survives a devastating accident, which claims the life of a stranger, he starts to re-evaluate his life and makes a promise to himself, and the poor young lady who lost her life, to be less negative.

Things go well for a while. He even starts to get along with the elderly ladies who have been his neighbours for years and finds he quite likes their company and being helpful to them where he can. He makes amends with his cousin who he has always been close to before a big falling out.

He takes the plunge and starts a new venture in an effort to give something back to his community but, as often is the case, one person ruins it for all and almost undoes all of his hard work to change his outlook on life. My heart really did go out to him.

I found this a very emotional yet uplifting read with a strong message of hope. It is also quite amusing at times. A captivating tale, beautifully written. I highly recommend!

Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy via Netgalley.

happy reading!

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