Summer on a Sunny Island

Sue Moorcroft

(Review written on 25th August 2020)

I know I am VERY late to the party as this is the first book I’ve read by Sue Moorcroft but it certainly won’t be the last!

Rosa is a very likeable character who has recently split up with long term partner, Marcus. Her mother, Dory, convinces her to join her in Malta for the summer to get away from it all and to contemplate her future. It will be part holiday, part working freelance for her mother who is a chef and food writer. She is in Malta to research for a new recipe collection. Rosa helps with the social media side of things and they have some good fun together as well as enjoying some fabulous food along the way. They have a lovely relationship and I enjoyed this aspect of the story.

Dory is determined for Rosa to have some fun too and wastes no time in steering her in Zach’s direction.

Zach is another very likeable character who seems quite self-assured initially, but we soon learn of his insecurities.

The chemistry between Zach and Rosa is quickly evident and it isn’t long before they become involved romantically. However, nothing is ever straight forward (as is often the case in real life). Rosa is faced with financial issues due to Marcus’ gambling. Zach is involved with helping a teenager get out of the potentially dangerous situation he’s got himself into as well as helping to offer support to his sisters and mother who are dealing with their own problems. His father also turns up and throws a spanner in the works. It seems like an impossible situation, but thankfully true love will always find a way!

I absolutely LOVED the setting of this book. Malta sounds amazing. It isn’t somewhere I’ve ever been, but it’s described so beautifully throughout this book I could almost imagine myself there. I could quite happily lounge on a sunny balcony with a book and chilled glass of wine. Especially considering as I write this on an August evening which is dull, wet and blowing a gale here in Staffordshire!

I loved the family relationships in this book. Very real people with real and relatable lives.

I loved Paige and her ‘Shnorkelling’!

I loved the characters’ willingness to take the risk on a happier, more fulfilled, life especially when opportunities are presented to them which are much too good to turn down. Not everyone has that luxury. We have to grab every opportunity for happiness in this life, but it’s often easier to stick with what we know. Change is scary after all!

Above all else I loved the romance! Who doesn’t love a happy ending!??

A lovely, uplifting story with its fair share of drama. I very much recommend!

Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy via Netgalley.

happy reading! 🙂

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