Happy Publication Day, James P. Sumner!

From the international bestselling author of the award-winning Adrian Hell series comes a relentless new thriller…

They left him for dead. Now the only thing he knows is revenge.

He wakes from a coma with no memory of who he is or what happened to him. When his past catches up to him, his only option is to run. Leaving a trail of bodies behind him — some innocent, some not — he disappears.

Time passes. His memories return. His past refuses to stay buried.

Unwillingly thrust into the middle of high stakes industrial espionage, he learns more about the events that cost him his identity… and almost his life. And when the people he cares about are threatened, he can no longer stay hidden. All he wants is to be left in peace, and he’s prepared to go to war to get it. But the more involved he gets, the harder it becomes to ignore the bigger threat. Can he look past his own quest for vengeance to see the real enemy?

This breathtaking new action thriller from James P. Sumner introduces a new hero who is sure to inject new life into the genre. A gripping page-turner that keeps you hooked from cover to cover, perfect for fans of Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher!

Immerse yourself in James P. Sumner’s ground-breaking Thrillerverse:

1.1 — “Crossfire” (GlobaTech, Book 2)
1.2 — “Blowback” (Adrian Hell, Book 8)
1.3 — “Hard To Kill” (Roach, Book 1)

My review

Hard To Kill (Roach, Book 1)

James P. Sumner

(review written on 20th December 2020)

WOW! Hard To Kill is an explosive start to a new series! I LOVED it!

I love getting to know a new character, especially at the start of a new series as I know there will be more books to come. I can’t wait for book 2 in this series.

When we first meet Roach, he is in a coma, in a private hospital facility. It’s fairly obvious that this is no ordinary hospital, so I was instantly intrigued as to why I was being introduced to this man no-one seemed to know anything about and why he was where he was. When he wakes, he doesn’t remember anything about himself either and a doctor’s telephone call well, and truly, kicks the story off with an almighty bang.

I was as eager as Roach to find out who is, and why there are people seemingly wanting him dead.

When his memories are triggered all starts to fall in to place in his mind and he soon finds himself defending his own life and that of a loved one.

Roach isn’t your typical likable character, especially at the start as we know nothing about him. He definitely grew on me though! However, I certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him. He knows how to sort the bad guys out, even though they often know how to hold their own too. The fight scenes are awesome throughout this book! Brutal, but brilliant! Roach reminds me of John Wick. He never comes out unscathed, which I think makes it massively more realistic. An easy fight isn’t very exciting either at the end of the day, is it?

I enjoyed the fact that Roach is a flawed character who might know his way around a gun and isn’t scared of taking a life when he needs to, but he still loves his family and is clearly not amused when someone threatens one of his own. This concern does cloud his judgement on occasion which I think is only natural. It’s a different ball game than just having himself to worry about.

I thought the scene with his mother was really sad.

There are twists and turns galore throughout this story and it is an easy book to lose yourself in. Full of suspense, and breathtaking action with an ending which left me wanting more.

I highly recommend to any thriller lovers among you. Or indeed if you have never read a thriller before, or don’t consider yourself a fan. This might just change your mind!

Thank you to James P. Sumner for my ARC.

Out Now!

Available from James P. Sumner’s bookstore, and other retailers….

happy reading 🙂

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