Sticks and Stones 

by Jo Jakeman  

Sticks and Stones is a compelling tale of revenge against a controlling and abusive husband. Imogen is married to Phillip, but he left her for another woman, Naomi. Younger, slimmer, firmer, Naomi. Imogen isn’t Phillip’s first wife either. He left Ruby behind for Imogen. Phillip, it seems, is never satisfied, and seems to think women are his to own and mould into whatever suits him. He’s arrogant enough to think he will always have the upper hand too. He’s a police officer and considers himself untouchable. However, he is keeping a secret.

Only Imogen shares a child with Phillip and when he pushes her too far, she takes drastic action to protect hers and her son’s future. I can understand how she feels she has no other choice. She’s a brave lady who has been through hell and has well and truly had enough. She’s not alone either as unlikely friendships are formed.

Phillip is a particularly unpleasant character. It’s hard to see how he managed to attract any woman, although men like him do tend to know how to be charming when they need to be. Domestic abuse makes me feel quite sick and I felt a genuine hatred for his character which intensified as the story progressed. I was rooting for Imogen the whole time and praying for her freedom from him. My heart broke for her as I learned more of what she had been through.

Ruby and Naomi grew on me as the story progressed. They have both been through their own trauma’s. Their experiences added depth to the story and truly highlighted Phillip’s true colours.

This book is very cleverly written. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I very much recommend.

 **Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy via NetGalley**

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