Poetic Justice: Five Twisted Tales of Murder and Revenge

by Mark Tilbury

Time doesn’t heal; it just incubates old wounds.

Last Orders – Jeff Tully’s wife has left him. Trying to run his pub single-handedly, he increasingly turns to his barmaid, Alyson, for help. But when Alyson tells him of her own troubles, they hatch a plan to get rid of Alyson’s violent, abusive husband. But will Jeff live to regret he ever got involved with his barmaid?

Lucy’s return – No one remembers Lucy at the school reunion, but she remembers them. Especially one boy who made her life hell, and now she’s going to do the same to him.

Private Museum – Retired nurse Mandy Rostron never thought she’d find love again after her husband died, but in Anthony Mallard she’s found the perfect gentleman. Or so she thinks. Mallard has some very dark secrets in his basement, or his Private Museum as he calls it, and Mandy is about to discover the truth about the man of her dreams.

Ballad of the Unsung Hero – Retired shopkeeper Jennifer Price is at her wits end. Her husband Kenneth thinks more of his fishing than he does of her. But when she meets the man of her dreams at a spiritual church, Jennifer is hell-bent on getting her man – whatever it takes.

The Tallyman – Donna is in debt, and the loan shark is making her life unbearable, with increasingly vile demands when she can’t make her payments. But her elderly neighbour, Elsie, has the perfect solution to get rid of the tallyman once and for all.

My review

Anyone who knows me well will know that I am a big fan of Mark Tilbury’s. I have read and loved everything he has published! I know I’m in for a treat when he has a new book out.

Poetic Justice is his first short story collection and a bit different to the novels we are used to from him, but just as brilliant! These stories aren’t quite as dark as some of his other books, but they’re hardly light-hearted either! I absolutely loved all five of them.

In each of these stories you will meet a character who is pretty much at their wits end. Their situations are desperate, and desperate times often call for desperate measures. You can’t help but feel for these people and I asked myself what I would do in their situations. There is literally no way of knowing unless you have faced the same problems. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t go as far as some of them, but who knows!

There are many unsavoury (to put it mildly!) characters throughout these stories. Some who made my skin crawl. I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of some of them.

Each one of these stories hooked me in immediately and all of them shocked and surprised me. Very clever writing!

I thought ‘Last Orders’ was particularly clever, and I found ‘Private Museum’ to be extremely chilling. All are equally compelling.

The poems at the start of each story are excellent also. There is no end to Mark Tilbury’s talent.

All the stars from me! I very much recommend!

**Many thanks to Mark Tilbury for my review copy**

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