Over A Spitfire

by Sherrie Lowe 

Over A Spitfire has been waiting patiently on my bookshelf for far too long but you know what they say about good things coming to those who wait. This book has most definitely been worth the wait, although I am now sorry that I didn’t get to it sooner.

When we meet Ava, during World War Two, she is a ferry pilot in the Air Transport Auxiliary. It sounds like an exhilarating but dangerous job. Not one I would have liked as I like my feet firmly on the ground. Ava loved it though and was sad to have to give it up when the war ended, although obviously overjoyed at the same time. It must have been quite a shock to the system to go from fulfilling such an important role in the war to looking towards her future as a housewife and mother. This is especially daunting for Ava having shared a fiercely passionate relationship with her colleague Wilhelmina (Will) who is sadly killed. They connected in a way neither of them had with anyone before. How do you move on from that?

Ava has no choice but to move on though and is soon married to Henry. They have two children and are happy for the most part. They make it work anyway, despite struggles and an infidelity, but Ava has never forgotten Will. Will has never forgotten Ava either and her spirit is determined that they will be together again one day, one way or another. Their souls are connected and will find a way, she is sure of it.

Do you believe in reincarnation? I most definitely believe that some of us have been here before. I loved how this book explores this idea. I was completely captivated.

The way the afterlife is portrayed through Will’s passing to the other side is quite beautiful. It’s lovely to think there is someone waiting for you to help with your transition and that we can always be there for those we leave behind whenever we are needed. It is also comforting to think that our soul might get another chance at life, in a different body ready to live a different life. And those souls who are meant for each other will always find a way back to one another.

I could talk about this book for hours, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I loved how the story progressed though. My heart broke for Ava. I had goosebumps on more than one occasion and it did leave a smile on my face at the end.

Beautiful, beautiful writing.

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About Sherrie Lowe

I am a divorced Mum and Nana living in Staffordshire UK. I began writing seriously when I contracted M.E. in ’95 after having to resign from my job as learning support assistant in a mainstream high school because I was too ill to continue. M.E. also called chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating, little understood illness, which destroys lives. Writing has kept me sane through the loneliness and isolation which are one of the results of this illness.

I have written eleven novels, two memoirs and two short story/poetry collections and have tried the traditional route to publication, then came the opportunity to publish with http://www.feedaread.com/ an Arts Council funded site so I went ahead and published everything I’ve written with them. All are available in paperback from Feedaread and most from Amazon too, also in ebook format from Amazon.

Visit my website http://www.sherrielowe.co.uk/

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