One of them lied. One of them died. One of them is next.

Could you stay quiet about a murder? Killed on his way home from a night out, Kit Harper had lots of secrets. At the opposite end of the city, another man is found smothered in his bed. Jack Fletcher had secrets too.

A photo of a young woman reveals a clue and with dual cases to run, Detective Allie Shenton and her team are pushed to their limits. As attacks on a close group of friends continue, a link to a cold case twenty years ago is unveiled.

Can Allie figure out who is telling the truth about what happened on that fateful night? And who is lying through their teeth, to get away with murder?

Set within the gritty streets of Stoke-on-Trent, this fast-paced British detective novel is a dark murder mystery with an emotional pull.

Hidden Secrets (Detective Allie Shenton Series Book 5)

by Mel Sherratt 

My review

What can I say? This series just gets better and better if that’s at all possible. Allie Shenton is one of my favourite detectives. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole series so far and I can’t wait for book 6!

In Hidden Secrets Allie and the team find themselves frantically trying to piece together evidence for two murders, an attempted murder, and a cold case. The build-up of suspense throughout this book is almost palpable. There is so much going on I honestly didn’t know what to think. So many secrets and lies. How some people sleep at night I’ll never know. However, we’re not dealing with cold blooded murderers here. This story goes much deeper than that and you can’t help but have some level of compassion for those involved.

Short chapters compliment this fast-paced police procedural beautifully. The tension increases with each one, making it extremely difficult to put down.

As always with Mel Sherratt this book is full of colourful characters with intriguing backgrounds. People who could easily be living in your street. Real, relatable people, just possibly with more to hide than most.

The truth behind these crimes is as sad as it is shocking.

Another easy five stars for me. I loved it!

**Many thanks to Mel Sherratt for my review copy**

happy reading!

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