All she wanted was to go out and, I don’t know, climb a tree or something.

Q heads out into the woods near her house to escape her responsibilities, but the short walk to clear her head ends up being a lot longer than expected when she finds herself, suddenly, very far from home. With no way to return. She just crosses her fingers and sets off in any direction. I could’ve told her that’s not the best tactic, but she wouldn’t have listened (not that listening to me was an option anyway).

Will she be able to find her way home with the help of some strange new friends?
And will they be able to help her escape the thing that follows?
The thing that got her into this mess in the first place.

Barker’s debut novella, written, illustrated and self-published as part of her EPQ.

my review

Of Skinned Knees and Nettle Stings is a unique tale, with truly unique characters, which I found very entertaining. I loved Thibault! Q is an instantly likeable character too, and I enjoyed her story.

It’s extremely imaginative, funny, heart-warming, and clever.

The narrator amused me!

I think this book will be enjoyed by all, whatever the age of the reader.

An excellent debut by Miss Leona Barker. Brilliant idea for an EPQ by the way!

I look forward to reading what Leona writes next.

Available now

Happy reading! 🙂

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