The place had a gruesome past that nobody wanted to talk about…

Camp Deathe is now a great place to spend the summer. Ritchie soon finds a group of outsiders like himself. Teenagers who ignore the organised activities, and bunk off in the old abandoned cabins deep in the woods. The cabins that have a history.

The campfire monster stories were meant to just scare them. Nobody expected them to come true. Then one of the teenagers disappears in the middle of the night.

Something is watching them. It hides in the woods and hunts at night.

Ritchie will have to uncover the secrets of the camp, and understand his own problems in order to survive.

Camp Death is Book 1 in a new series brought to you by Question Mark Horror. For fans of Point Horror, Christopher Pike & Nicholas Pine.

Camp Death (Eerie Things Book 1)

by Jim Ody 

My review

Camp Death is a creepy little YA novel. An excellent start to the Eerie Things series!

Ritchie and his sister are treated to a few days away with their parents. Camp Deathe is no ordinary resort though. The teenagers get to stay in cabins with kids their own age whilst the parents enjoy a bit of couple’s time in the onsite hotel. Nothing is quite as it seems though.

There are organised activities for the teens but of course they mostly end up where they’re not meant to be, listening to stories about monsters. Stories which aren’t supposed to come true!

I thought this was the perfect setting for a horror novel.

I knew something bad was going to happen, but each time I thought I had it sussed I was proved wrong. The tension builds throughout the story and each chapter ends in a way that makes you have to read the next. It left me guessing right until the end.

A good read!

I recommend to all horror fans, young or old!

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Happy reading! 🙂

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