Product DetailsI was lucky enough to receive an invitation via Netgalley to read an advance copy of this, so of course I jumped at the chance after reading What Milo Saw last year. I am loving it already!

It will be released in all formats on 14th January 2016.

You can pre-order a copy here:

What Milo Saw was one of my 5 star reads from last year and I have a good feeling this will be one of this years. Watch this space.

Product Details

If you haven’t read this yet, you really should!

My review from 24th July 2015


Wow!  What a beautiful and heart warming story!
I read this in a few days whilst away on a short break and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.
Milo is 9 years old and doesn’t see things the way most people see things as his eyes don’t work the same. He knows that one day his sight will fail him altogether, but he loves his life with his pet pig, Hamlet, and helping to look after Gran (his Dad’s Gran). He’s not sure what to do with his Mum though, since his Dad left to have a new baby with ‘his tart’. Sandy is sad all the time and only seems to sit around eating hobnobs. She runs her own beauty business from the shed, but ‘Mrs Hairy’ is her only remaining client. She just seems to be falling into a deeper depression.

When Gran decides she is becoming too much of a burden and sets fire to the kitchen, Sandy feels she has no choice but to find a nursing home for her.
Milo is distraught as he loves looking after Gran. He vows to visit everyday and soon discovers that the care provided is nothing like advertised. We follow Milo as he sets about getting the home shut down so that Gran can come home. We learn of the friendships he makes along the way and how the whole situation brings him closer to his Mum again.

Loved it and would happily recommend it to anyone!


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