Yesterday I attended my first ever author/blogger meet up at Bacchus Bar in Birmingham. I had the most amazing afternoon! I was SO nervous about it, but excited obviously.

Mel Sherratt mentioned it to me on Monday and arranged for Kim Nash to send me an invite. I’ll be honest, I did think about making my excuses as I wondered what I would possibly say to all of these people I’ve never met before (especially all of these wonderful authors as I get a bit star struck!), but I knew Mel would be there (we’ve met a few times now) so I thought I’d be a big brave girlie and just say yes! I am so glad I did. I have to say it was quite surreal being in the same room with so many people I know through social media, but have never met in person before.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to chat to everyone as there were so many of us (I’m especially gutted to have missed Noelle Holten aka Crimebookjunkie), but I was lucky enough to be able to spend more time with Mel Sherratt (who is one of my most favourite authors and people) and to meet others including the lovely host, Kim Nash (Kim The Bookworm & Bookouture), Sharon Sant, Holly Martin, Rob Sinclair, Sue Flint, Rachel Gilbey, Bookaholic Holly, Liz Tipping, Georgia Hill, Rebecca Bradley, Aimee Horton, Janice Preston, Mick Arnold and the twins whose names have escaped me (sorry!)…. to name a few.

Everyone was so lovely! It was such a fun, relaxed afternoon with lots of chat about books 😉 and laughter. I just wish I had taken some photo’s as others did.

I was especially pleased to meet Sharon Sant aka Tilly Tennant. She is another lovely author from my hometown! I’m looking forward to reading her books and hopefully keeping in touch.

Needless to say, my to-be-read list is now longer than ever! I wouldn’t want it any other way though.

Big, big thanks again to Kim Nash for organising the event and for inviting me. I was honoured to be there.

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