Published – 14th January 2016.


Wow! Ava McCarthy really knows how to keep a reader in suspense!

Dead Secret begins with Jodie deciding she’s going to kill her controlling husband, Ethan, then kill herself. She has nothing left to live for as Ethan killed their 3 year old daughter – his way of punishing her for threatening to leave him. He could have killed her, but he knows that taking away her daughter is the most effective way of making her suffer for the rest of her life.

I immediately sympathised with Jodie. As a mother I can imagine the pain she must have been in. I wouldn’t want to live either.

However, Jodie’s suicide is unsuccessful so she find herself in prison for murdering her husband. She is determined to end it though, just as soon as she gets the chance. That is until she gets a visit from a journalist called Novak…..

This book kept me glued to my Paperwhite every chance I got. I was routing for Jodie the whole time, desperate to find out the truth as much as she is. I did guess part of what was coming and I thought I had it sussed, but I was so wrong. A shocking twist towards the end. I was gobsmacked!

The final pages had me in tears. Just brilliant!

I highly recommend to anyone who likes an excellent psychological suspense novel.

I will be adding Ava’s Harry Martinez thrillers to my to-be-read list.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for my kindle copy.

You can buy your copy here:

Book description:

From the author of the Harry Martinez thrillers comes a gripping psychological suspense novel. Perfect for fans of Elizabeth Haynes and Gone Girl.

Two quick shots. One for him. One for you.

After the death of her three-year-old daughter, Jodie has nothing left to live for – or almost nothing.

She has one task to fulfil before she takes her own life. And that’s to kill the man she holds responsible for her daughter’s death – her seemingly perfect husband, Ethan.

But Ethan is hiding more than just his true nature. And as more horrifying secrets from his past emerge, Jodie’s strength will be pushed to the limit…

About the author:

Ava McCarthy was born in Dublin and attained degrees in Physics and Nuclear Medicine before going onto work for the London Stock Exhange for six years. She currently works in software in County Dublin, where she lives with husband Tom and two children.


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