The Madam

Publisher: Avon; UK edition (19th May 2016)

My review…..

The Madam is another review copy which has been on my list for a long time. My apologies to Jaime Raven for the delay in reading, but it has definitely been worth the wait for me.

Lizzie Wells has served a jail sentence for a crime she hasn’t committed. She was framed and once she is released she is determined to prove her innocence and to make those responsible for setting her up pay.

Lizzie is a likeable character. I can’t even begin to imagine how devastating it must be to be convicted of a crime when you’re completely innocent. Even more so when you know it was a stitch up. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to take the steps Lizzie takes to prove her innocence. Then again, given other heart-breaking news Lizzie receives whilst still inside, it’s no surprise that she feels like there’s no way she can move on with her life until she gets the justice she deserves. Will it be worth sacrificing her freedom and her promising future with Scar, though? At the same time as putting herself and her family at risk from those determined to prevent her from uncovering the truth.

This was quite a tense read and it’s quite difficult to review without giving too much away, but I was routing for Lizzie the whole time and hoped she would find her peace.

A gripping storyline, well written with great characterisation. The twists along the way certainly came as a shock!

I would definitely recommend to other crime thriller lovers and I will be adding Jaime Raven’s other books to my list.

Many thanks to Jaime Raven for my review copy.

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