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Winning Ticket is a very unique story and one which I have thoroughly enjoyed. It’s an interesting and thought provoking concept.

What would you do if you found yourself with a winning lottery ticket in your hand, but you knew full well it didn’t rightfully belong to you? Would you cash it? I’m sure many of us would at least be tempted! Would you be able to live with the guilt though if you did?

This is exactly the situation Rakesh finds himself in when Tom, a local drunk, brings his lottery ticket in to be checked. Rakesh owns and manages a shop with his wife Jas. They have two children, Sangita and Amal, and they are struggling. The shop isn’t doing well and Jas is very unhappy. No wonder Rakesh sees this lottery ticket as their only way out! However, this goes against everything a Sikh stands for and it isn’t long before Rakesh finds himself unable to cope with the guilt. I’m sure most people, Sikh or otherwise, would struggle with their conscience in the same situation.

Jas’s happiness with their new fortune and luxury lifestyle is short lived and she finds herself increasingly worried for Rakesh’s health and her intervention sees him face to face with Tom again. Rakesh sees this as a sign and is determined to make amends, even if it means losing everything.

Winning Ticket is a very character driven story. These people are very real and believable and I found myself immersed in their story. I don’t know much about the Sikh religion so it was good to learn a bit about that. Rakesh is a very likeable character, despite his lapse in judgement that day. I didn’t warm to Jas, I have to say. Not until right at the end at least. Tom is a great character. I loved that he formed an instant connection with Amal. He seemed genuinely thankful for the healthier life he was now living. An inspiration to anyone struggling with addiction and proof that things can work out alright in the end. I have an inkling he might have known the truth all along.

I have heard that Winning Ticket is to be made in to a film which I think is awesome! Definitely one to watch.

Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy. I am more than happy to recommend.



Rakesh Singh can’t make his general store pay and Jas, his wife, just hates shop-life. Rakki is Dudley-born, and Jas is from Punjab. Daughter Sangita aspires to get into music college and son Amal has learning difficulties. With money tight, it’s hard to know which way to turn.
Temptation comes Rakki’s way when a drunken down-and-out leaves behind a winning lottery ticket. It could make all the difference… But how to hide the secret? And what of conscience and Sikh ancestral roots?
A trip to India merely fuels his guilt, and as the family enjoy new riches, Rakki’s life is soon spiralling downwards. Bemused by drink and pressured by blackmail, he sees no escape, until a chance meeting with the man he wronged spins Rakki off in an entirely new direction.

About the Author

Keith Bullock spent time living in Austria, Iceland and Denmark. He majored in Danish and Scandinavian Literature and married a Parisian. Upon leaving a career in educational management he scripted a film for the Cannes Festival of 2008. He now lives part of the year in France. This is his first novel.

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