Twelve Christmas Crackers

I have absolutely LOVED this book of short festive stories by Keith Bullock. I enjoyed it whilst touring the coffee shops of Stratford-Upon-Avon so, needless to say, I had a fabulous day!

If you’re looking for a good Christmassy read then look no further! These stories have it all. Some are funny, some are sad and others are quite heart-warming. They are so brilliantly written that I can’t see anyone not enjoying them as much as I have. Each one can be read during a coffee break too, so there’s really no reason why everyone shouldn’t give them a go.

The first story, A Match Made In Heaven, made me giggle.

The Reunion is sad.

Christmas Comes To Knarebridge was a short, sharp, shock and quite devastating.

Claus Noel is hilarious!

The Best Christmas Ever is comedy genius!

Christmas Alone is just genius!

The Real Father Christmas is another shocker.

Double or Quit is a unique little tale.

The Anniversary Trip is heart-breaking.

George Reed’s Christmas Tour is quite thought provoking.

Mummy’s Christmas Present is very clever.

Her First Christmas made me smile.

And The Boxing Day Treat! was a surprise. Not at all what I was expecting!

All intelligently written, compelling short stories which I can happily recommend to all.

Why not treat yourself this Christmas or grab a few copies for friends and family to enjoy this festive season.

Via AmazonUK…..

‘Twelve Christmas Crackers and a Boxing Day Treat’ is the ultimate escape kit from the rigours of the family festivities; a chance for you to take five and unwind before pitching back into the fray! These adult short stories will have you puzzling and pondering, laughing and crying, snorting and sighing. Most have a twist in the tail and will keep you guessing until the last line; all are themed around Christmas. ‘The Anniversary Trip’ has been filmed under the title ‘Second Honeymoon’ and was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Keith Bullock is the author of two published novels: ‘Winning Ticket’ (2017) and ‘Beyond the Sad-faced Clown’ (2018). Work begins on a feature-length film of ‘Winning Ticket’ by award-winning director Kaush Patel, in the autumn of 2018. With this collection of short stories, Keith has set out to amuse and refresh the weary Christmas celebrant in need of a little escapism and “me” time and themes range between cold, blood-thirsty reality, wishful virtual reality and wild, unadulterated fantasy. Relax, turn over the pages and meet your perfect fireside companion.

Happy reading 🙂

About the author….

Keith Bullock

I grew up in a working class family in Birmingham. Thanks to my Mum, I was fed a weekly diet of comics and trips to the library and developed a lifelong love of stories and story-telling.
After being miserably misplaced in a technical school, I left with no qualifications and began working life at Cadbury Bros. Before too long, I took off with a guitar on my back, to see the world. It was the ‘swinging sixties’ and a little rock and folk music could always earn a dinner. For almost three years, I lived and worked in Iceland, Austria and Denmark and toured the rest of Europe in a beat up car.
A wonderful guy in Elsinore, Denmark, finally gave me a shaking and helped me through three ‘A’ levels which I took at the British Council, Copenhagen. The next five years were spent at the University of East Anglia, in the Scandinavian Studies Department and then it was marriage to a beautiful French girl (still my wife), three children and a career in Educational Management. I retired (early) as an Assistant Principal at Dudley College and began to write seriously.
Early modest success (whilst still working) had been an article in the BBC’s ‘Book of the Future’ (2003) and a short story ‘Second Honeymoon’ that was then scripted for award-winning director, Kaush Patel. The film he made was shown at the Cannes Festival (2008)
More recently, my first novel ‘Winning Ticket’ was published by Austin Macauley in 2017. It was followed by a second novel ‘Beyond the Sad-faced Clown’, with the same publisher in 2018. Director Kaush Patel intends to begin work on a feature film of ‘Winning Ticket’ in the autumn of 2018. My latest novel ‘Circuit’ is currently under consideration and I have just completed a collection of adult Christmas stories entitled ‘Twelve Christmas Crackers and a Boxing Day Treat’.


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