A Baker's Dozen paperback

A Baker’s Dozen is another five-star collection of short stories, by the very talented Keith Bullock. Having read and loved Twelve Christmas Crackers and a Boxing Day Treat I was very much looking forward to reading this new collection.


Flowers for Pablo

A moral dilemma. Did she, or didn’t she?


Food for Thought

A chilling tale where desperate times call for desperate measures.


My LM Diary

Heart-breaking and terrifying! Dementia must be so scary and frustrating. I work in a care home and would be mortified if our residents were treated with such disrespect and abuse. So sad.


Paris in the Spring

This made me cry and is my favourite story of the collection. Heart-breaking but beautiful.


Balancing the Books

A surprising ending. Very clever!


The Shipwreck

I can’t make my mind up how I feel about this story and I may be interpreting it completely wrong. As a Christian it made me feel a little uneasy. I’m used to many people seeing religion as the route of all evil. My personal opinion is that certain people using religion as an excuse for their despicable behaviour is the actual problem. Everyone has the right to their own beliefs and shouldn’t have others forced upon them.


The Year the Robots took Control

A terrifying thought!


The Seven Deadly Sins

The seven deadly sins portrayed as people gives them a whole new perspective. Very cleverly written.


Achilles’ Heel

A chilling tale of revenge.


A Cry in the Night

This actually gave me goosebumps!


Late Call

A seemingly hopeless situation, with a strong message for us all. Don’t give up so easily, give it time. There is always hope.


A Dickensian Tale

A thought-provoking tale. There is so much kindness in the world, and many happy endings, but there will always be others who need help.


A Commercial Venture

A shocking conclusion, but darkly amusing!


All in all, a unique, diverse and thoroughly enjoyable collection of stories which I will happily recommend to all.

I read the kindle version of A Baker’s Dozen but would like to take this opportunity again to thank Keith Bullock for sending me my very own signed paperback.

A Baker's Dozen paperbackA Baker's Dozen paperback 2A Baker's Dozen paperback 3

Via AmazonUK

‘A Baker’s Dozen’ is a collection of thirteen short stories, to be published at Christmas 2019, following the release on Amazon, one year ago, of the highly popular earlier collection: ‘Twelve Christmas Crackers and a Boxing Day Treat’.The stories are a little darker than those in the first collection, covering such issues as: Alzheimer’s, Lost Love, Artificial Intelligence, Dystopian Futures, International Arms Dealing, Third World Poverty and the Impact of Early Colonialism.

happy reading 🙂

Keith Bullock

Keith Bullock

I grew up in a working class family in Birmingham. Thanks to my Mum, I was fed a weekly diet of comics and trips to the library and developed a lifelong love of stories and story-telling.
After being miserably misplaced in a technical school, I left with no qualifications and began working life at Cadbury Bros. Before too long, I took off with a guitar on my back, to see the world. It was the ‘swinging sixties’ and a little rock and folk music could always earn a dinner. For almost three years, I lived and worked in Iceland, Austria and Denmark and toured the rest of Europe in a beat up car.
A wonderful guy in Elsinore, Denmark, finally gave me a shaking and helped me through three ‘A’ levels which I took at the British Council, Copenhagen. The next five years were spent at the University of East Anglia, in the Scandinavian Studies Department and then it was marriage to a beautiful French girl (still my wife), three children and a career in Educational Management. I retired (early) as an Assistant Principal at Dudley College and began to write seriously.
An early success, a short story ‘Second Honeymoon’ was filmed by award-winning director, Kaush Patel and made the Cannes Film Festival (2008)
My first novel ‘Winning Ticket’ was published by Austin Macauley in 2017 and a second: ‘Beyond the Sad-faced Clown’ in 2018. Two short story collections followed, published on Amazon: ‘Twelve Christmas Crackers and a Boxing Day Treat’ (2018) and ‘A Baker’s Dozen (2019). A new novel ‘Circuit’ will be released in January 2020, followed shortly after by a memoir ‘The Chocolate Soldier’.

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