None the Wiser

I know I use these words a lot but OH, MY DAYS!

What a chilling yet completely compelling read. A cracking start to a new series!

DS Mark Turpin is called back to work, a little sooner then planned, when a priest is found brutally murdered in his own church. It’s obvious that this killing is very personal, but who could hold such a murderous grudge against a man of the cloth?

When a second priest is murdered, in a similar manner, Mark and his team dig even deeper into the pasts of these men in a frantic effort to find some sort of connection. What they eventually uncover is nothing short of heart-breaking.

As a Church of England, Christian myself I can fully understand the priests keeping the confidence of those whose confessions they have listened to. My heart went out to them as it can’t be easy to hear certain things and not be able to report to the relevant authorities should they feel they ought to. Battling between your duty to your faith and your conscience over the suffering of others must be immensely debilitating. I could also fully understand the frustration of the police as information has been withheld due to confidentiality laws.

I personally think certain rules surrounding confession should be relaxed, where a crime has quite plainly been committed, as I’m pretty sure God would forgive anyone who breaks the ‘rules’ to protect a fellow human being. I also know it’s not as black and white as that and I am sure there are many people who would disagree with me. It’s a difficult one, not to mention controversial.

Anyway, when Mark spots a clue, which has been previously missed, the investigation becomes even more urgent as they believe the murderer isn’t finished. This killer needs to be found, and now.

This is a fast-paced murder mystery which ticks all the boxes for me. Rachel Amphlett’s books always do!

DS Mark Turpin is a very likeable character and an extremely diligent detective sergeant. We also learn a little of his personal life, which I always like, and I love that he currently lives on a boat with a dog who seems to have claimed him as his own.

If you have never read a book by Rachel Amphlett before (why ever not!??) then this a perfect one to start with. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m very much looking forward to catching up with DS Mark Turpin in book 2!

Many thanks to Rachel Amphlett for my mobi review copy. My apologies for taking this long to read and review.

Via Amazon UK

What if some secrets were never meant to stay buried?

When a parish priest is brutally murdered in cold blood, a rural community is left in shock – and fear.

New to the Vale of the White Horse, Detective Sergeant Mark Turpin discovers the murder bears the hallmark of a vicious killer who shows no remorse for his victim, and leaves no trace behind.

After a second priest is killed, his broken body bearing similar ritualistic abuse, the police are confronted by a horrifying truth – there is a serial killer at large with a disturbing vendetta.

As fear grips the once tranquil countryside, Mark and his team race to uncover a tangle of dark secrets and lies before the killer strikes again.

In doing so, Mark finds out that the truth is more twisted than he could ever have imagined…

None the Wiser is the first book in a new murder mystery series from USA Today bestselling author Rachel Amphlett.

“Fast paced with vivid characterisation and clever twists – this is another winner” – Adrian McKinty, The Chain


“A terrific start to a new series” – Jo Spain, With Our Blessing and The Confession

happy reading 🙂


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