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One Last Shot

Having read and enjoyed the previous two books in this series, Another Shot and An Extra Shot, I was very much looking forward to reading this conclusion to Freddie’s and Jo-Jo’s rollercoaster love story.

This book starts pretty much where An Extra Shot left off. We find out how Freddie has coped with Jo-Jo’s bombshell news. He hasn’t coped well and once again I really felt for Freddie. She has turned his life upside down once again. From the very beginning I have found Freddie to be a very likeable, but vulnerable, character. For him, Jo-Jo was his life and not having her in it has been something he has struggled to get over for years. Now Jo-Jo is back, thirty years later, he seems as confused and deflated as ever. Jo-Jo still can’t seem to make her mind up what she wants which did make me wonder why she ever got back in touch with him again at all. I’m not sure she did him any favours telling him her secret either. She obviously thinks he deserves to know, and he probably does, but I don’t think him knowing now really does anyone any good. I feel it was more to ease her own conscience for not telling him at the time, although I don’t doubt for one second how heart-breaking it must have been for her to make such a lifechanging decision and to live with that secret for all these years. My feelings towards Jo-Jo are very conflicted. I still didn’t particularly warm to her, if I’m honest. She doesn’t seem to do Freddie’s mental health much good. He quite blatantly adores her though and she obviously loves him in her own way. She does seem genuinely worried about him, but at the same time she is the one who has caused his trauma. I’m not convinced she could make him happy, but I hope I’m wrong.

Likable, or not, I do feel like I really connected with these characters, throughout all three books. I have been well and truly invested in their story and genuinely enjoyed learning more about them.

I loved Jack. He’s a good friend to Freddie. Amy grew on me more throughout this book also.

This book is another emotional read and one I found equally compelling to the first two books. I think anyone would enjoy Freddie’s and Jo-Jo’s story. I’m going to have a look at some of the other reviews now as I’m interested to see if anyone else felt the same about Jo-Jo as I have, or if it’s just me!

Many thanks to the author and to Rachel @ Rachel’s Random Reads for my review copy of One Last Shot. I will happily recommend.


Can first love ever be reignited?

One Last Shot concludes the trilogy of Freddie and Jo-Jo, which has moved through time in a series of flashbacks, showing how the couple fell in love as teenagers, why they drifted apart, what happened in their lives away from each other, and what happens when they meet up again over three decades later.

At the end of the second book, An Extra Shot, Jo-Jo tells Freddie about her dark secret. Confused, vulnerable and in a state of shock, he says he needs time to think about what to do next. Jo-Jo’s right to be worried. Freddie doesn’t react well…

Praise for his previous books in the trilogy:

A story of second chances, fractured relationships, passion, secrets and emotion.
Dash Fan Book Reviews

We’re back with a book that does the will they, won’t they thing so well.
B R Maycock

An emotional, compelling but poignant read. It’s impossible not to get caught up in.
Over the Rainbow

I loved the characters, the flashbacks, the music, the culture and I left captivated, yet again.
Ann S



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