The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker

The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker

Jenni Keer

(Review written on 24th July 2020)

The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker is an absolutely, gorgeous read!

Lucy is instantly likeable. She’s 25 years old and likes the simple things in life like her very much lived in little flat, romance novels, knitting and cake with her friend, Brenda. I’m not sure what a typical 25-year-old is like (I was married with two children aged three and one by 25!) but I’m pretty sure if more were like Lucy the world might be a much nicer place.

I loved her friendship with 79-year-old Brenda. Brenda is the most amazing character! She is much younger than her 79 years in a lot of ways. She can certainly still appreciate a good-looking man! She’s quirky, fun and lovable. Her genuine love for Lucy as a friend and daughter she never had is so heart-warming. I loved their chats and how they both look out for each other.

Brenda is determined to see Lucy happy and settled before anything happens to her and their new neighbour might just be the one to provide that happiness.

Of course, nothing is straight forward and Lucy’s initial attempts to win the affects of their mysterious neighbour are far from successful. Many are hilarious in fact! I did laugh, a lot!

I loved the fact that the male love interest in this book isn’t your stereotypical hunk who moved in next door. He’s not someone you instantly warm to, but he certainly grows on you over time.

I also loved that this isn’t the sole focus of the story. We learn a lot about Lucy, her work colleagues and her career goals, her family relationships with her difficult mother and stressed out sister, her friendship with Jess (who couldn’t be any more different to Lucy which you often find in close friendships) and especially her friendship with Brenda and their struggles following a dementia diagnosis. This was totally relatable to me as my Grandad passed from Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer’s and the first stages are often the most difficult as they are still very much aware of the changes. I also work in a care home. Dementia is very cruel. My heart went out to Brenda and Lucy.

This beautifully written, feel good story made me smile a lot and laugh out loud often. It also made me cry sad and happy tears. I LOVED it!

I have already bought The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows and very much look forward to reading it!

happy reading!

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  1. I don’t think a “typical” 25-year-old exists either… I’m coming up on that age and I know people married with kids and people still living with their parents! Thank you for sharing this wonderful review!

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