Welcome to my stop on Jo Baldwin’s The Good Friend blog tour! I am DELIGHTED to be sharing my review of this awesome book with you all. 

The Good Friend poster

Many thanks to Anna, at RedDoor, for the opportunity to take part.

RedDoor Publishing

I have literally just finished this book (25th February, 23:15) and I feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest!

I can’t even begin to tell you how tense this story has been, from the very first page.

The story is told by Jenny who is reunited with her best friend, Kath, after several years apart, living very different lives. Jenny is an Olympic swimmer, her career (and Dad) moving her to Australia to train and compete. Kath now lives in rural France with her husband, Tom and daughter, Rosa. However, Tom is Jenny’s ex-boyfriend and, we soon realise, the love of her life, so visiting them for the summer was never going to be easy for Jenny. It all sounds like quite a simple story of lost love and regret when I put it like that, but OH MY, there is SO much more to it!

This book is so full of suspense and tension. I still feel like I haven’t breathed properly again yet. The ending has left me feeling emotionally exhausted.

This is an absolutely compelling, character driven story. Full of secrets, manipulation, jealousy and misplaced trust. It’s set in the most beautiful of places, which a sharp contrast to the ugliness festering throughout the story. Jo Baldwin has created a very cleverly written psychological thriller here which deserves to be a bestseller (I’m sure it will be!). I can’t believe it’s a debut novel. I was totally captivated and can’t wait to read whatever Jo Baldwin writes next.

Many thanks to Anna at RedDoor for my review copy.

The Good Friend cover

If only she knew what sort of friend I really am . . .

Once upon a time, Jenny and Kath were best friends. Or were they?

Their reunion after eight years apart – when Jenny pays a visit from Australia where she’s settled – begins as idyllic. But all too soon, things begin to unravel and once the past is uncovered, there’s no going back.

This beautifully written, gripping and unforgettable psychological drama about love, lies and obsession will keep you reading long in to the night.

Keep your friends close, but your best friends closer

One click, you know you want to…..

happy reading 🙂


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